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Young fibro sufferer

Is anyone out there dealing with Fibro at a young age? I'm 23 and have been dealing with it for at least eight years. I find it especially difficult being so young and "healthy looking" because most people think I'm making it up or exaggerating. The other hard part is dealing with being this age and HAVING to work full-time and being a full-time student. I can't just go to the doctor whenever I want or pay for a gym membership or chiropractor, and I can't just eliminate the stress and physical stresses in my life. (Not that everyone older than me can, It's just frustrating being so out of control of my life and hearing everyone say "cut out the stress!")
Anyone else out there to talk to?
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There are some young people who have posted here who have fibromyalgia. I hope they will check out the community soon and either post here and/or contact you. Stick around... okay ? I hope you will also check out our Health Pages... there are various treatment plans posted for fibromyalgia and CFS. These treatment plans are recommended by the experts... some of who have had CFS and/or fibromyalgia themselves.

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What are your symptoms?  Incidentally, you live about an hour from me.
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I am 24.  I was diagnosed 3 years ago.  I feel like all I do is get worse and worse and there are no answers.  I have 3 kids (I know I'm young to have 3 kids LOL) and I can't keep up with them.  I feel so bad because I'm in constant pain and even though my husband says he believes me, I feel like he just doesn't understand and he does get irritated by my constant problems.  I'm not making this up or imagining it.  I try not to even bring anything up unless it's really bad anymore.  But even though I don't vocalize half of my pain, I'm still complaining daily.  I am at such a dead end.  I totally understand where you are coming from!  WE NEED TO CHAT!!  
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Hi there. Im 23 and have had FM for 2 years
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I'm a 23 yr old girl and I couldn't agree with you Lola_mama more. (and thanks Lola_mama) for your input on missing puzzle piece!

But yes, I am young and have been feeling chronically fatigued since I was around 12. I have a wide variety of symptoms, and there is a possibility that I have MS or an autoimmune problem.

But I am a healthy looking too. I am a healthy weight and generally appear healthy--as much as I love my family and friends, I really don't think they take me seriously. It's frustrating to say the least. I am at the point where I don't really bring it up anymore either--I just keep my feelings to myself which has also been kind of frustrating.

Also, like you, I can't afford a chiropractor or massage or a gym membership or anything of the like. I'm currently saving up money, so I can join this overpriced yoga place near my house because I'm getting desperate and yoga is supposed to be EXTREMELY beneficial for people with all kinds of diff. problems. I'm still struggling to finish school at a snail's pace and I walk dogs for a living now, primarily because I can't keep a regular job because I have too many days where I feel like I can't make it 8 hours without rest at some point. On the up side, doing something like dogwalking is good because I am able to attain a decent level of exercise and I love animals.

But then I found this site and there are so many people here going through the same thing or at least something similar. It's great because we all know what it's like! I hope it helps to hear that you are not alone.

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I've had Fibromyalgia when I was 22, about 9 years ago...I've gone through the whole deals both physically & emotionally, in face I am still going through it everyday. Because it is an invisible illness, I felt like I was being punished for some reason. Noone around me understand me and I've lost my jobs, my boyfriend of 7 years and a big chunk of my life. It's a real struggle and I do look fine on the outside. Inside, I feel hollow. I don't know what I can do to help you but I'd like to be able to talk to someone too. Spiritually, this helps me. I just want you to know that we share same experiences and that I truly understand you. If you just want to talk, please write me anytime. If you don't mind, may I add you as a friend? Hope you keep your spirit up.

All the Best!
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Thank you all so much....you have no idea how much it helps to know that even just one other person out there understands. Especially the feeling of being punished - it's hard not to feel that way. It's also hard not to think that you're doing something wrong or at least not doing anything right. You're not taking care of yourself...etc...etc...everyone likes to tell me if I ate right and exercised more that I'd feel better. Easy for them to say. Even getting out of bed some days is more exercise than I can handle.

Thanks again, everyone. I'm sending out best wishes to all of you.
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Hi. I'm 22 and I just got diagnosed with Fibro. I'm a graduate student and i was also working and i've had to quit my job and take a little break from school because of all the pain. Its been pretty tough but i'm trying to be very positive about all this and its great to come to this website and understand more about how to cope with it.
I'm lucky to have very supportive people me but there are days when its very frustrating because no one seems to understand you.
I wish you the best and keep your spirits up
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I am 25 and myofascial pain started when I was 21 (knots in back muscles) + neck pain , knee pain etc ... I suggest you buy and read the book "adrenal fatigue - the 21st century health syndrome" ... adrenal fatigue is very common and is the underlying cause for fibro , fatigue , allergies , brain fog , etc
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Thanks! I'm going to buy that book right now. I appreciate the tip - all the best. I hope you're feeling well.
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Hi Ajawit,

There is a product called TRANSFER FACTOR

web : www.4tf.com

The advanced plus bottle is around 55 bucks , get yourself one if possible and start a daily regimen of 2 capsules on an empty stomach . I have heard many good things about the product . Made from cow's milk and egg yolk the transfer factors are the same molecules in mother's milk which teaches and instructs the immune system . Do a google search . Since fibro / cfs are caused by abnormalities in the immune system .

Fibromyalgia a survival book : a must read for anyone with fibro . Here is amazon link


Both books have excellent reviews .

Please consider transfer factor seriously and stay in touch . I hope the same for you . Together we can fight this condition .

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Here is some reviews of transfer factor by fibro sufferers and how it helped them. I suggest taking omega 3 flaxseeds , fish oil , B vitamins , anything that is immune system booster . Omega 3 has also anti inflamatory properties . Do you have brain fog as well?

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Herb for adrenal glands


Ashwagandha has been used for thousand of years in India for treatment of fatigue . In adrenal fatigue book the doc talks about this herb to boost adrenal function .
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I was just reading through this and while i'm not 23 anymore (wishing, lol) I did have fibro beginning as a teenager.  They explained it away as fibrocitis, tendonitis, chostrocondritis...but they were all symptoms.  Back then they had no name for it.

It's so wonderful to see so many younger people who are aware and are able to have a dx without having to suffer decades of pain before finding out.

I think this community is the right place to be and it seems that there are others who can share your experience and give you some great input.  

I was just happy to see this post and had to comment. Best of luck to all of you here and wishing you 'fibro free' days ahead.
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I just finished reading the book you recommended. I can't believe how much it explained! Everything from my low blood pressure to my salt cravings and why bananas upset my stomach...thank you so much for telling me about it. I really appreciate the support and the information I get from this message board. Thanks to everyone!!!

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Sorry I took so long to respond.....I have a long laundry list of symptoms, but the main ones are widespread muscle and joint pain (neck, shoulders and knees especially), fatigue, brain fog, numbness and tingling in my extremities, headaches, and depression/anxiety. So, pretty much the basics. What about you?
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Im only 19 and i was diagnosed with fibro a few months ago by a rheumatologist and my gyno[ lol, shes basically my primary care doctor] the rheumy tried telling me i was severely depressed which was resulting in fibro. he made me look like a fool and i actually left his office bawling. my obgyn is asian, and practices esatern meds. shes amazing. shes the ONLY person that has actually understood fibro being that she treats a lot of people for it.  although the awareness of fibro is spreading, a lot of doctors still think its bogus. it is so hard for anyone to take me seriously. she wants to try acupuncture but its not covereed by my insurance and its $60 a session, and shes reccomending 4 sessions a month. my main trigger points are my back shoulders and neck, as well as my knees and more lately excruciating pain in my hips. the fatigue at times in unbearable, and the brain fog makes my days miserable. the rheumy told me the only tihng i could do was go on antidepressant medication being its the only meds for it. i refused, due to personal reasons. ive been trying to get more excersize but its so hard to do so when youre in pain! its so nice to see im not the only one suffering from this. ive only met one person other than myself who is also a sufferor. does anyone have any good advice on how to relieve some pain? i only use western medicine when i have to, so any suggestions for herbal supplements or holistic medicine would be so greatly appreciated. good luck fello fibros, thanks for sharing your stories.
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All I can really tell you is that yoga seems to help a LOT, and the book "Adrenal Fatigue, the 21st century stress syndrome" is definitely a must-read just like john4321 says! It's incredibe, and has almost entirely holistic/natural remedies as treatment suggestions.
Good luck....I wish you all the best, and I hope you're feeling well! Don't worry, the longer you deal with this, the more support you'll find.
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Be very careful with nsaid's like aspirin / ibuprofen , etc .. fibro and ibs go hand in hand , I took aleve for my back pains for several years and developed spastic colitis , for 2 years I was unable to eat a normal diet and still have problems .

My recommendations for pain are -

1) Try Dr. Frank's homeopathy pain relief spray . It has no side effects and helped me greatly so I can say homeopathy really works !

2) Take Omega 3 flax seed oils and Fish oil capsules to reduce inflammation .

3) If you have joint pains then take herb "guggul" , do a google search , it is incredible you won't believe the relief , cured my knee pains 90%

4)For depression I take Amoryn .

5) Take B vitamins , co enzyme q10 and a good multivitamin . Also take Magnesium and calcium .

6)Try Immune26 , google it up , it is curing people of fibro and cfs . Read the reviews here -


I cured my chronic bronchitis of 7 years by taking transfer factors from 4life

Hope this helps and again stay positive . Tell yourself "I am getting better" and "I love and accept myself exactly as I am" , The book YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE helped me.
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There is some very interesting information given here.  I would just like to add that before beginning any type of herbal or vitamin supplemental program, you may wish to check with your physician first.  There are things that should not be taken together, just like with prescriptions.  If you are currently taking any type of prescription drug, you would want to know about any interactions that may occur.  You should know about dosages and also, if going into something like a multi-treatment course, have knowledge about the ingredients of products that you you take.  This will insure that you are not taking something that you may be allergic to.

Wishing you all a beautiful, relatively pain-free day.
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Thank you for mentioning this important point . Yes we should be careful when taking too many supplements . For example Amoryn has st johns wort extract and it should never be taken with ssri's . Rest of what I said is pretty safe . Homeopathy medicines have no medicines in them but only retains water memory . There is some controversy and in my experience it works.Tylenol is a safer alternative to Aleve . I have heard opiate based pain killers do not upset bowel and only side effect is constipation !
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You're very welcome john.  

Yes, that is the one bad thing about those pain killers.  Taking a stool softner or additional fiber really helps with that problem.  I have actually heard stories of those who become 'bound' and end up at the ER.   That is another pain in itself!!!
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http://www.adrenalfatigue.org/ from the author of the book , you can order supplements there to take back adrenal health.
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I am 26, I have been suffering from this condition for 2 years and 10 months, and possibly longer..I have been told that this is not a condition that appears over night, that I have been showing signs and symptoms of it for four or more years.  Most people stereotype us, thinking that automatically everything is in our head.  Pain is subjective, and if you don't feel the pain, it is impossible to comprehend how severe it can be.  Good luck, hopefully you can began to feel a little better.  My question is to you all, how can anyone pinpoint the fact, that Fibromyalgia does not cause any damage to ones body?  When over the last three years my health has declined a significant amount, making me really question that. I am not sure if it is the multitude of Neurological, Rheumatic and Orthopaedic disorders I have, or the fact that I may have Lupus but I really wonder how much of what we are told is factual...This disorder has been around for a while, but has not been recognized, so not much is really known.
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