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always tired and sore !

i have been suffering with fm for 3 years now and i am always tired, i am under a physio and currently having hydrotherapy which helps but will i go back to beggining when this finishes and why am i always exhausted, why am i struggling to look after my self and to walk, take a bath etc. i feel such a fraud when i hear of people working with fm and livivng with the symtoms is it all in my head as i suffer from clinical depression too. thanks

This discussion is related to extreme fatigue and 24/7 calf pain.
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You shouldn't compare yourself to others (easier said than done, I know) but we all feel how we feel, and have different variations of the same symptoms. I don't think this is all in your head, you are having a tough time right now. It seems like the people here are helpful and supportive, so I hope you can take advantage of that.
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I do fully understand how you must be feeling.  I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2000 or so.  However, I had lived with it undiagnosed for many years.  And I still suffer greatly with it because I have other medical issues that prevents me from being able to take medications that may aid it better for all of us that suffer with it.  However, my doctors have found the my antidepressant works for me as both pain reliever now that they increased me to the maximum dose but now they watch my liver.  Effexor XR is what I'm currently on.  

I tried several other medications but I either had allergic reactions or other complications due to my glaucoma.  So do fret I'm 100% disabled now due to all of my medical ailments & Fibromyalgia doesn't go away easily it took time to get your body that exhausted & it will take time to replenish it from its exhaustion.

I'll lift you in prayer that you find some peace of mind.
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I know how frustrating how it can be when people say 'you're just imagining it'. I heard that so many times I wanted to scream. I finally saw a rheumatologist who tested me for everything. He believed me when I told him that I was in pain and I wasn't imagining it. It felt so great to be validated. I saw this one commercial for FM and it said that maybe it would be better if people could see your pain. The women was covered in bruises to show the pain. Maybe then people would truly understand. You are not alone! I am also
Bi-polar so I am on meds for that. When I had insurance the doc prescribed me Darvocet. At that time in my life I didn't know what that was. I lost my insurance I now live off of Tylenol Arthritis. I had a friend who said Lyrica was a Godsend. Sorry to run on. How is Effexor working for you? What kind of hyrdrotherapy are you receiving? I hope you are well.. Please keep me updated. You have me to talk to you.
God bless you.
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thanks for your prayer really sweet of you
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my meds include meloxicam and antitriptyline i have hydro (exercise in water) once a week but missed one week and i was worse which is why im worried for when course ends thinking of having a baby to get me off my anti depressants cos ill have 9 months without them then doc can give me more for fibro
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i do take advantage of peoples help have a perfect best freind and husband but im sick of having to have help i feel useless im used to working hard outside    
with horse and doing everything myself  its  
driving me mad x
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Hi Jwles,

I know exactly how you feel.   I am constantly exhausted and hurt all the time.  I struggle just to walk and do chores like cooking and cleaning.  I am allergic to Lyrica and Sevella.  The doctor has me on numerous medications and none seem to help the pain and exhaustion.  After eighteen months I finally qualified for disability.  It took a lawyer and my congresswoman to help me get it.  Yes, I do feel bad that I see others who are working.  I have worked for over 30 years in the same business.  Now I can't even drive.  The only relief I get is by taking pain medication.  To do anything I just have to keep taking more and more pain meds.  Most days I don't even want to talk to anyone.  I hate how people who don't understand the illness, always say well you look fine to me.  They don't see that it hurts just to walk.  I don't have family holidays any more at my house.  It's just too hard.

However, I still keep struggling a long.  I walk every day and I try and do one chore a day.  I used to be able to clean my whole house in a couple of hours.  Now it takes me an hour just to do one room.  

Don't give up.  Don't feel bad either.  Some day the doctors will find cure.  Hopefully in our life time.
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hi me too it and it drives me mad the kids cant understand why suddenly i cant do as much and cant run round playing football with them its just not fair i am used to doing everything for the kids and myself and i hate asking for help i used to work with horses and worked 6 days a week from 7 in morning till 7/8 at night i miss horses terribly and fed up with having to change my life so much to make it easier love to you all julie
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I understand how you feel completely. One day you are doing all these things, working in the yard, working, dancing, having a life, whatever it is your passion is and then you wake up and you can't do any of that (or barely) anymore. It is so frustrating...Four years ago, I was perfectly healthy, now, all kinds of issues and so darn exhausted all the time. I truly could stay in bed all day. It is hard for others to understand, first because they don't have it themselves, and second because they can't SEE it. I think that is the main problem. People are understanding when they see a broken arm or leg, things like that.  But Fibro and CFS are much harder to understand.  I don't have any words of wisdom for you but just take one day at a time.  Don't do too much one day if you are feeling better because you will pay for that for the next few days after. If you want to do that, just know that you will be wiped out. That is what I keep in mind. If I really want to do something that I know is going to just wipe me out, I will do it, but plan on resting for days afterwards. Sending hugs!
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thanks for your support i know what you are saying but easier said than done when you got 5 kids, my hubby helps loads and im luck in that he does understand most of the time how i feel.
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