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anyone been on savella for some time?

I am wondering if anyone has been on savella for a while? Seems like most of us have recently started. I have been on it just a week, can not tell much yet. I would like to hear from somebody who has been on it a while. Seems like I can not find any help with medications.
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I have been on Savella for about 8-10 months.  I cannot say much about it.  I never did see any difference from using it vs Cymbalta.  I had tried it since I did not really notice anything while using Cymbalta.  I could up the dose I guess however, the cost of all the meds I take are just to great to go higher.  As is I split the dose to make it last longer.  No side affects though.  I swear by Tramadol 200 slow release and Lyrica.  Without those two I would be a complete mess.
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I have been on Savella for a while and for me, it was a Godsend! nothing else blocked the severe pain like this did! I can actually sit still for longer than 10 min., however, depending on the fronts that come through, I still have some pretty bad pain every now and then.
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I was on Savella for over a year-- and it helped with my FM, but I also have bipolar d/o--- which caused the Savella to make me extremely paranoid. I was afraid to go out of my own house into the yard even. It was hell!!!  I got off the Savella-- but it took me many monthes to get rid of the paranoia it had caaused. My Psych MD told me that this was a common occurance in people with bipolar d/o taking Savella.... Geez!!!   Everyone is different tho-- so my experience may not be yours or anyone else's for that matter. just my 2 cents worth.....
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