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Hands are so painful and some fingers distorted,feel broke. Was told just a bad case of osteoarthritis. I can't even make a fist, my fingers don't bend. They get worse every year. Why can't I take meds for rheumatoid,,why do I have to have joint damage. 2rheumatologist told me that the meds aren't made for my kind of arthritis. Do you have to have the factor in order to be diagnosed with rh. My hands resemble rh hands. What's going on.?
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  I am so sorry that the doctors feel that they can't help you.  Arthritis is such a painful and crippling disease.
    My mother drinks a glass of apple cider (not apple juice) every morning and takes several supplements to help her.    Cod liver oil, magnesium, flaxseed, fenugreek, milk thistle and goldenseal.  She says that these supplements help her arthritis since there is no medicine for her either.
    I sincerely hope that this information is helpful to you and that the supplements listed help you.
    Wishing you the best.
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Osteoarthritis is not the same as "Rheumatoid" arthritis.
I'm 52 and had a total rt. knee replacement at 42, and the other knee a partial replacement three years ago. The rest of my bones, head to toe are affected as well. Rings don't go over my knuckles anymore etc. It is genetics. Some people are just programmed this way.
Ask your GP to refer you to a NEW RHEUMATOLOGIST (young with current information) or at least get ask about taking an Anti inflammatory. You can buy neoprene type gloves that add a bit of pressure/support to your hands and fingers, but you don't wear them all day.
Visit a Medical Supply store (Shoppers Drug Marts in Canada), and ask for devices, supports to assist you with daily living.  
If you know someone who sews...ask them to make a couple of towel pouches for your hands. Think BIG MITTS without thumbs. Putt them in the dryer or add hot packs to them and slip your hands in when your hurting, the heat will help ease the aches
Warm water aquatics is also a great therapy for osteoarthritis.
Contact your local Arthritis Society and get into an education class for managing your life with Osteo.  
Its just one of the lousy things some of us get.
Best of luck to  you.
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