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been having weird symptoms lately. very bad pain in neck which radiates into head and behind ear, internal vibrating, lightheaded, migraines and stabbing knife pains in my knee. cannot sleep at night. night sweats. please help!
I have sjogren's and fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis but dont feel these symptoms are related.
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I had all those symptoms except the night sweats from magnesium deficiency.
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To add, I've also had some of these symptoms from hypothyroidism such as internal tremors, neck pain and lightheadedness. Some people also suffer migranes, night sweats, insomnia from hypothyroidism as well.  
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thank you. I do have hypothyroidism.
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wow. didn't think of that..than you:)
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You may both benefit from having an  "Adrenal Stress Profile", in relation to
possible unresolved hypothyroid issues, even if TSH,T3 &T4 serum levels show normal (which do not indicate cellular thyroid function)
Before this you may want to consider doing an adrenal questionnaire as a screening tool, which I can send you if interested,in the event you have not already done this.
Thyroid dysfunction cannot be corrected before adrenal dysfunction is addressed-something conventional medical doctors do not normally pursue -as both adrenal and thyroid function get further impaired!

Love & Light
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thank you. please send adrenal questionnaire. Very interested.
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Sure n p.

Adrenal Questionnaire  

Read each question carefully, and record the number next to a question if it applies to
you. When you finish, add up the numbers you have recorded.

Do you experience fatigue? 3

Do you have allergies? 3

Do you have asthma? 3

Do you have recurrent infections? 3

Are you under severe emotional stress? 3

Do you suffer from chronic pain or physical stress? 3

Do you have low blood pressure? 2

Do you have a low pulse rate (<70/min with no exercise)? 2

Do you feel faint when you rise quickly? 2

Do you experience depressed moods? 2

Do you experience joint pain? 2

Do you have muscle pain? 2

Do you have low libido? 2

Do you have hair loss? 2

Do you have anxiety attacks? 2

TOTAL SCORE _______  

12 adrenal fatigue very likely

A saliva test for adrenals may be needed following any positive results from
the questionnaire and if this test returns positive results, the adrenal imbalance must be corrected first .
Depending the severity of the imbalance it might take form  a few months to a couple years to correct.
Again Endocrinology does not officially recognize adrenal fatigue stages 1 & 2, nor stage 3 which is adrenal exhaustion. Stage 4 is Adisson's , which  is recognized but unfortunately is a little too late to correct or reverse any damage inflicted.

My daughter who is now a Holistic health practitioner herself, had to learn the hard way, as she went through so many things (suspected UC, FMS,CFS, etc.) before getting to the bottom of it. She's stage 3 working her way down and improving steadily without any meds, just key supplementation, lots of coconut oil and grain-free, gluten- free diet.
I expect her thyroid function to return pretty much to normal once her adrenals are re-balanced.

Let me know if you need any details.

Best wishes.

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For some reason the end of the questionnaire did not get copied and pasted in its entirety.
Here's what is missing that will help interpret your score:

12 adrenal fatigue very likely

I do apologize for not catching this right away.

Take care.
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There must be a technical glitch.  It simply does not take when I try to copy and paste and I think the symbols for smaller/larger than... don't get recognized!

I will type this part.

Less than 7, adrenal fatigue is unlikely.

7-11 adrenal fatigue possible.

12 and over adrenal fatigue very likely.
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My adrenals were toast with severe vitamin B12 deficiency and hashitoxicosis.  I started thyroid medication after hashitoxicosis and felt like I was hit like a mack truck. Sleeping a drugged like fatigue of 16 hours a day and if conscious in bed I could barely move and was able to slur out a few words at best. Numbness worsened, extreme dizziness. I didn't know the symptoms would be so bad!

There are also three tests you can try at home for adrenal fatigue. I posted them on another answer of mine.  Geez an edit button wouldn't go astray when I read old questions with typos and grammar errors. LOL

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Yes the smaller/larger symbols cause havoc on medhelp.  Been there done that. :)

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Thanks Red_Star.

Links are easier to post, however, 1. I did not have a link for this questionnaire.
2. I had been warned some time ago, not in this community but elsewhere in MedHelp,not once but twice, by a very zealous moderator, for posting links.

I figured you had done your homework but I took a chance to include you.
I know You're very thorough and perceptive.

Did you manage to get your adrenal fatigue completely?
I hope things are working out better for you in regards to your health.

Have a great day!
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