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can adderal help

can adderal help the pain for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome i have read it will wat to know how true this is i ave tried amost all of the strong narcotic pain pills and they dont work or  can not take them i need help to get out bed and funiction during the day and stay foucused.
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Not sure about adderal.  I strongly recommend that you avoid Lyrica.  I and many others have had many, many problems with it, even years after stopping it.  I can give you a link via message if you want or you can check out the Lyrica Survivors page on fb.  I have found that a GFCF diet helps reduce my pain levels a lot.  You might want to give that a try.
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Hi there.  I have FM and CFS and have tried both Adderall and Ritalin to see if it could reduce my daytime sleepiness.  Neither one of them did anything for it.

I wasn't advised by my doc of it helping for pain, just for alertness, etc.

Gina, forgive me for saying..I mean no disrespect...but Lyrica has helped as many people as it hasn't helped.  Steering bunney to a FB page that no doubt has horror stories from people will definitely ensure she never tries it.  But don't we deserve to try anything/everything that may help us with these awful illnesses?  I'm not pro-Lyrica, but I would never "strongly advise" someone to avoid a "tool", even if I had a bad experience with it.  What helps me may not help others and what helps others may not help me.  Just my opinion.
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I am familiar with a lot of people who have used it and are now trying to find a lawyer to represent them.  I used it for a few days a couple years ago and am still suffering as a result.  I would not want my worst enemy to try this drug, let alone someone who was close to me.  Is there a slight chance that it might help someone and that they wouldn't suffer for it?  Probably.  But, I wouldn't want anyone I know to take that risk.  It is too great.
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I have never heard one way or another about Adderall being used for pain but would be curious to know what they say. I would think it would work for helping keep you awake. Has your dr tried other meds for you? I see the Lyrica conversation and certainly don't want to get into anything but I can tell you my brother has extreme diabetic neuropathy and his pain is awful. The was I understand it...that pain is similar to fibro. They tried several different things and eventually switched him to Lyrica. It works great for him...cut his pain med needs in half. I do not promote or warn about it. I do know it is among the list available for me to try if Savella does not end up helping me. I know I have already tried a couple others but didn't get the results we hoped for. Hopefully Savella will be my miracle. Good luck to you...I hope they find something that will help you.
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I know this old, but I have info to add:

I've been on since 2009 - 150 mg 3x's daily. I NEVER had ANY adverse reactions to it.

I no longer feel fog (Fibro Fog) - one!
I don't ache all over anymore. Last week I tried cutting back on the Lyrica. Abt 2 days later when I woke up - my arms were aching!s

I tried again a few days later with the same results. I'm back on Lyrica.

I tried to cut back b/c this new psychiatrist I went to was "concerned" abt different anti-depressants w/the Lyrica. I called Pfizer & my Pharmacist. No problems have been reported. I don't know where she got her info.

She also had a problem w/my Adderall - 30 mg 2x's daily. "Too high, I don't RX that high a dosage.
Adderall was a big help w/my fatigue. & moods, incl pain relief (*lumbar pain). It doesn't help my fatigue as much, but kinda helps to say awake.

*Lumbar pain got much worse & was dx'd w/a spine problem. I'm under a pain ctrng vi - Dr Ira Fox (Google him!)

It turned out that she wasn't knowledgeable enough w/Fibro. But, I did speak to her & told her that her info on both meds is incorrect (I didn't put it that way-didn't want a debate!)

PLZ don't tell others to stay away from Lyrica. It DOES work for Fibro (but don't know the statistics). It has helped me so much! And to think I didn't want to try it after googleing & getting various comments. LOL

If you have a good dr, let him/her do their job. Try the suggested meds. You have to be "brave" if you have Fibro. You have to take "chances".

Good luck to all of you. I hope my info has helped - even it's only one person!
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I've been on since 2009 - 150 mg 3x's daily. I NEVER had ANY adverse reactions to it.

I've been on Lyrica.....

*Lumbar pain got much worse & was dx'd w/a spine problem. I'm under a pain ctrng vi - Dr Ira Fox (Google him!)

I'm under the care of a pain dr & pain ctr.
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If lyrica is started slowly 25mg and increased gradually there arnt horrible side effects. The first time I tried it they started me on 75mg it was awlful! After no luck with savella my dr convinced me to try lyrica again I was scared but agreed. Its taken me a yr to get to a 100mg. Now I'm going to doc about trying adderall for fatigue.anybody have comments or experience with the the two together? Nanny
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I am here to tell you that I've had fibro for years. I talked to my doc about trying Adderall and he did. It was the best thing ever because it took my daily headaches away and gives me a little added energy during the day! It is a small 10mg dose that I would split in half because you really don't want to take too much for fear of not being able to sleep that night. The 10mg extended release works well too! Also, the Adderall helps with the fog brain that comes along with fibro! It doesn't really do much for my physical pain, but the headache relief was the biggest problem I personally needed relief from to survive everyday life. However, there are docs out there who won't prescribe them due to the potential abuse that the idiots of this world do and make it so we (the people who really need them and don't abuse them) can't get them. At my next visit I am going to talk to my doc about Vyvance that my sister just got put on and she loves it!
Hope this helps.
Best to All
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