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costochondritis and tight chest/throat

I have been experiencing a tightness (some pain and muscles soreness) at the top of my chest. It feels like when I breath my sternum and my chest muscles are all pushing into the center of my chest also when I take a deep breath there are some cracking sounds in my chest (not all the time but if I haven't taken a deep breath in a while i feel and hear these little cracks in my chest.). My throat is also very tight when I breath and hurts when I breath like it is sore and inflamed (Like if you have been running for a really long time and breathing really heavy for a long time throat soreness.) The other thing that is strange is my chest feels really tight so it makes it feel more difficult to feel my heartbeat in my chest (kind of like it isn't there or my heart feels weaker.) I have been to a cardiologist and had ekg's, a stress echo, and an event monitor done with everything turning out normal. I also get headaches, head pressure, and feel really fatigued a lot. My doctors have never mentioned Fibro or costochondritis so I was wondering if this was similar to anyone else?
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U will need to look up a dr in ur aarea that specializes in Fibro.....there still are drs that do not reconize fibro....try a good rheumatoid dr....you may also want to have ur thyroid checked.....

Good luck
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Has a doctor been able to determine the cause of your symptoms yet?  Has anything helped?  I have similar symptoms - chest cracking and soreness, throat tightness - and have not been able to find anything to help.  The doctor said it is probably costochondritis but also suggested seeing a rheumatologist.  I have not been to the rheumantologist and decided to try ibuprofen for costochondritis first.
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I agree with the other ladies.  A rheumatologist is the best place to begin if you think you have fibro.  I have it and have experienced chostrochondritis in the past...also plursy.  Did it begin with cold or flu like symptoms?  The chostro can last for a few weeks and it is painful.  I hope you can set an appt. soon so you will get on the path to feeling better.  Take care.
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VaBreeze - My symptoms began with cold/flu like symptoms - little bit of a fever and sore throat, etc.  What does this mean?

I've tried ibuprofen for the past week with no change so I'm now looking for a rheumatologist.  The first one I called wasn't available until February!

Durvis - have you had any luck or feel any better?
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I am still feeling pretty much the same. Trying to keep busy and not think about it but it is hard to do physical activities with a tight throat and chest. I have a rheumatologist appt. in January so I'll see what he says.
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This sounds like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and/or Fibromyalgia to me.

So... what has happened since last you posted ?

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i have the same issues, my comes and goes. we have had a very hard winter and so the feeling seems worse. i have fibromyalgia  and i just think it has to do with that. i have had all kinds of tests and nothing shows. so i just live with the fact i have it and just try not to dwell on it.
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Costochndritis;is the (ii-inflammation of the cartilage in the area of the sternum)costo-(means that which is the  inbetween space)
)so in between  the ribs at the sternum where the cartilage and ribs connect,there is opportunity for stressful movement to create irritatIons,and inflammation to occur.it can be so painful for some people,they think that's a heart attack about to happen,others may think there's a broken rib however it's really not difficult to allieviate with wet (always moist heat) and if you can take anti inflammatory O.T.C.,ie-naproxin.Motrin.stay away from Tylenol since it's property isn't based to reduce inflammation.Deep breaths hurt BUT ...YOU AREN'T GONNA DIE NO MATTER HOW BAD IT FEELS,DON'T PULL ON ANYTHING ,REST AND WET,NEVER DRY ALWAYS WET MOIST HEAT.BEEN THERE DONE THAT.
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