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this chest wall inflammation is one of my Fibromyalgia components. it can sort of come and go. the first time was an awful attack, I definitely went to the ER! but my heart was fine and they said it was Costochondritis. okay. the rest of that week I could barely move. it's back again, not quite as crippling. I saw a doctor who listened to my heart and told me not to worry, it's just the Costochondritis pain again.

but what terrifies me is that one wrong misinterpretation could be fatal! how do you know? going into the ER whenever the pain bothers me sounds excessive, I could be there multiple times a week! but how can I educate myself on the real distinctions between chest wall inflammation pain and heart trouble pain?

also my vision gets kind of blurrier when costo pain is worse. wouldn't ever expect the two to go together, but I know they are Fibro symptoms.

to give a fuller health picture, I am being treated for an eating disorder. I have been eating normal amounts (2000/day or so) for almost two weeks now. I'm only 1-2lbs underweight at the moment. oddly enough though is while my blood pressure has been low, my heart rate has been faster (mild tachycardia they called it?). however, my heart rate has almost always been faster, so it's not a directly associated problem with the ED, the tachycardia came way before. I'm 24/female. in addition to Fibro, I have IBS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Interstitial Cystitis. fun stuff, I know.

I see a doctor more than once a week, and I'm sure if there was a fear that something was wrong, they would catch it or try to catch it! but it's scares me that I'm not confident I could distinguish between a painful but harmless chest pain, and a deadly chest pain.
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