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fibro and sensetive bladder

Has anyone else had symptoms of bladder infection that when tested shows no bacteria, only to find or be told this  can be a part of Fibro but mimics Bladder infection?  If so, what was done to treat it?  At the beginning I had what is called " casts " ( fine white partocles ) in urine and burning in Urethrea.  I started taking a herbal remedy and the casts disappeared, burning let up quite a bit.  Within in a few days urine was clear, and since I had made a DRs appt. decided to keep it.  Urine tested negative for bacteria but was put on antibiotic for 2 wks. My stomach became upset with pain at night so stopped that. Now, have a few casts but have never had blood, pus or inability to pass urine with this so---- am wondering if it could be Fibro affecting the Bladder?
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Hi.  I have been dealing with fibromyalgia for many years.  Though I do not have a problem with bladder infections I have definitely found that when I have a flare up it directly affects my digestive system as a whole, very sluggish, etc.  Have you heard of candidiasis?  Before being diagnosed with fibromyalgia I suffered greatly for many years with irritable bowel syndrome and I found that until I dealt with that I had a lot of white particles in my urine, almost like a white cloud in it.  When I dealt with the candidiasis this symptom disappeard also.  If it is candidiasis one of the things you will need to do is avoid antiboiotics whenever possible as it is one of the causes of the mutation of the candida and the killer of good bacteria that your body requires.
Don't give up!
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Hi, I have had multiple problems with bladder infections. I also have Sjogrens syndrome. But I have had a mixture of bacteria and lately many symptoms without the bacteria.

What I am trying now for the bladder is an internal estrogen cream. I had a hysto in '06 (a bad decision was made to remove my ovaries) and the lack of estrogen has been known to cause "bladder infection type" symptoms.

This cream is really helping. It's the first and only thing I've been on so far that has helped.

Hope this helps shed some light on your situation.

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Hi ! With CFS, I used to get numerous infections (sinus, URI's, yeast and bladder infections). I was undiagnosed at the time and so I was being treated with antibiotics and then eventually I found out how to get rid of some of these infections without prescription medications. It looks like you are doing the same and being pro-active when it comes to your health. What helped me with bladder infections was drinking lots of water and cranberry juice.

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I could have written your querry myself, word for word.  I am going through it right now.

I thought I had a bladder infection early in July, post intercourse.  The dr. office discarded the urine not realizing it was to be cultured, so the dr. put me on  Macrobid.  I still had symptoms weeks later, culture was negative and my FM was symptomatic which it is whenever I have an infection anywhere in my system.  It is now the end of September and another culture came back negative which was taken before I went on another course of Levaquin.  Oddly enough I feel better all over but the bladder is still a bit symptomatic.  

To me it needs to cool down now.  We cannot drink cranberry juice because it will make our body acidic.  We need to stay alkaline.  Sorry PlateletGal. I do take cranberry tablets, less systemic, I think, Is that true PG? I'm not sure.

I had this years back, I have FM 15 years now.  I then investigated maybe it being Interstitial Cystitis.  ?? Don't know if it was.  I know one or two things that help
Do drink lots of water, very true, and avoid caffiene.  The later seems to cause bladder spasms which causes symptoms.  

There is an at home test that is very reliable.  It is the AZO UTI test.  There are tablets over the counter that help with bladder pain that will not hurt you or interact with other meds.  They are in the same dept. as the AZO section.  Phenezophadrine tabs. That is the ingredient under different labels.

Good luck
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  Thanks to all, I do use cranberry pills, try to remember to drink water. Yes, i am prone to yeast infections, and have had a complete hyst. abt 25 years ago at age 46. Was on homone replacement from that time on until I decided I wanted to go off due to having fibrocystic breast and later on pain from armpit to nipple. Fortunately the news came out about the bad side of hormones and i was able to convince my Dr. to let me quit but with  nothing to replace the hormone,. Will look into what was suggested.
Today urine is clear with just a bit of casts & lt burning, but IBS has been acting up and last night finally able to have a decent BM, now little sharp pains in abdomen --- I think from the IBS as had vy hard cramping for abt an hr with it. Its hard to determine exactly what is going on when you have multiple conditions.
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