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fibro vs myofacial

Hi everyone,
According to my report i read from my Pain Management dr's they are looking at dx'ing me with fibro.  I dont know what is going on, all i know is i am getting worse.  Please read my post and see if anything pops out at you.  I was injured at work in May 2008, until then i was perfectly fine, i was very active, worked hard, i drove a 18wheeler all over the country. Since May 2008, i have been dx'd with cervical/lumbar degenerative disk disease, cervical/lumbar spondyliosis.  I am on the Fentanyl pain patch, lyrica, tegretol, paxil and klonopin (last three for my bipolar).  I am in Physical therapy right now, it isnt doing anything but causing me pain, she is just working on releasing my muslces, no physical stuff for me to do.  She is very concerned to what is going on with me.  Here are my symptoms
extreme pain
eye, eye socket pain, neck pain
fatigue, body aches so badly, body jerks (i mean hard and bad) like when my leg does it i could easily hurt someone lol.  serisouly now.  Pain in my left hip, leg, both legs hurt all way to toes.
I have to walk with a cane now, i cant walk properly, i have slap foot with my left foot. i either shuffle my feet when i walk or i have problems with my gait.  I can only walk very very short distances then my legs feel heavy and WILL give out.
my memory is shot, concentration, i have brain fog really bad
but i also cant talk phsically for very long, i am unable to get my thoughts straight sometimes but also unable to form the words.  MY throat will start hurting badly when conversating then my words start sluring , slower and slower my words come out, until i am unable to talk at all.
I have had MRI's, they showed the DDD etc, also showed a thryroid nodule and throat cyst, i cant get to the dr for those right now due to money issues.  I am supposed to have a biopsy done when i am able. All my thyroid labs came back good.  I have seen a neurosurgeon for slapfoot, he said not a surgical candidate right now.  I cant do anything hardly anymore, heck i have to have help taking a shower, my energy zaps QUICK then i will fall.  I dont know what is going on.  i am scared.  tired of not being able to take care of my home, my husband has to do everything, cooking, cleaning, laundry etc.  I try to do simple things like dishes at night and pay for it dearly with pain.
Oh ,  My vision.  First it started off i was having problems reading, so i got reading glasses, they arent strong enough anymore.  i get blurred vision ALOT, eye pain etc.
ok enough for now, sorry...please someone help!
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The slap foot sounds like a sign of something neurological going on.  Did they do an MRI on your skull?  Did they do a Western Blot to check you for Lyme Disease?  Fibro is a dx of exclusion...look for any other possible illness that could cause this first.  If nothing is found then they lean to the FMS.  

An injury has been associated with triggering FMS, so yes, that does occur.  I'll wait for your response about the testing to see what else may be available to you.

Take care.
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Yes, i had a head Mri also, my dr at the time was making sure i didnt have any bleeds because of my talking difficulty that was becoming worse.  I gave the scans to my Pain management dr when i first started seeing him, he didnt say anything about something being off.  I havent done a Blot test yet for Lymes, i am going to ask my PCP to order one.  
I am frustrated, but more so worn out.  Every minute of the day i hurt.  i cant imagine what the pain would be like right now if i didnt have my pain patch or lyrica.

My Physical therapyist said that all she can do it do the ...oh, i dont know what it is called, where she works on releasing my muslces by massage i guess is the way to explain it.  My ability to walk is almost gone now.  sometimes i shake so badly (arm , or leg mostly).  
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Good morning;
   Like you my symptoms didn't start until after I had multiple knee surgeries. Although I have had body aches, some severe all of my life. I have been tested for everything possible, and was just in the hospital for the same testing from the ground up and still everything was negative or normal.

   This disease will take everything out of you. It has no pity on any of us unfortunate enough to have been dx'ed with it. Like Breeze said, have them run the Lyme test and make sure that they haven't missed anything. Take care of yourself.

gentle hugs
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We truly can relate to the pain.  I think most here suffer on a daily basis, to some degree.  You aren't alone in that respect.  

You spoke about your leg jerking...when does this happen?  May I ask how you injured yourself at work?  I'm wondering if the injuries may be involved in your condition now.  When did everything begin and has it ever had days where it let up or just gotten progressively worse?  I think it would be good to take your MRI's to your neurologist as well. It can't do any harm to have another person review them.

I will continue to keep you in my prayers.  Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.  
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i am having a bad day pain wise and such but i wanted to answer your question of my leg jerking.  It isnt only my leg that will do it.  my head, upper body , arms, legs, hands and feet will do it.  not all at the same time mind you.  It happens when i am awake, sitting down, standing up.  But mostly sitting down.  They are what i call violent jerks, very intense ones.  not just a lil jerk.  They are so exhausting to me when they happen.  I do it in my sleep also , they wake my husband up all the time.  I dont get them like someone who has restless leg tht happens when they start to relax or fall asleep.
I will answer your other ones tomorrow hopefully.  They will take a bit longer.  
and i just dont have the strength right now
thank you so much
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Dear klivesay -
I agree with VaBreeze, we all here feel your pain. Everyday we try to live our life as comfortable as possible. I was able to handle to pain & upper body jerks for yrs until I had breast cancer surgery (3 in 10 mths), along with radiation, then begin taking tamoxifen - then i couldn't even move let alone walk. I force myself to work everyday, I still don't know how I do it. I tried physical therapy and after 4 wks the pain was so bad - I stopped. They stated they were also working the muscles - couldn't move the next day. I wish you the best in trying to find the right dx and then the right meds to help you live a better life. Everybody here will always try to help you and/or put you in the right direction. Alot of pain for me now - just got back from a 7 hr drive from my daughter's house in KY to help her get ready for her wedding which is 5/16. I am having a very hard time with finding the strength for this. Please keep us informed with your progress - I wish you luck. God Bless, Sunshine
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