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fibromyalgia and gabapentin

started 300 milligrams of gabapentin last night .. I didn't sleep at all I watch the Sun come up and I'm so full of energy and anxious is this normal?
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Hey nailbox.(That's quite original) Welcome to the forum!

Can't say that your case is unique, as two thirds (2/3rds) of patients on gabapentin will experience adverse effects.
There may be some changes in your symptoms, better or worse, more
or less, if you wish to stick with it.

You may also want to look into Picamilon , made by combining a  GABA derivative and Niacin which is sold as an OTC dietary supplement in the U.S.A.
Not sure where you live.

Picamilon can cross the blood brain barrier , as this has been a possible limitation with other GABA supplements.

There's a good article on Picamilon, in the Life Extension Magazine,
if you wish to read it. Just do search.

It's funny- when I first read your post not getting ANY sleep!- as one of Gabapentin's off label uses is to treat insomnia,lol!

My comments are not intended to replace medical advice.
Please consult with your Health Care Professional, before making any
decisions regarding serious health matters.


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Hi, I am Jana! Hope you are feeling well Today! I also Suffer from Fibromyalgia & a Whole Slew of Other Medical Problems as you can see from my Profile! I believe all my Medical Issues are somehow related b/c before the age of 26 I was Never Sick! They all just Started Coming One after the Other! I think Fibromyalgia is Probably the Most Painful of All, in my Opinion! That & the Fact that I have Several Herniated & Bulging Discs is enough to make One Go Crazy! The Dr. also put me on Gabapentin but it makes me Incredibly Dizzy & Disoriented! It also causes me to have Really Dry Mouth which in Return has Caused me to have my Very 1st Set of Cavities! I don't know if it's worth it Anymore to take Meds that Cause So Many Bad Side Effects! Does Gabapentin Effect you the Same Way? Also is your Fibro Pain Generally Worse in the Neck, Shoulder, & Upper Arm Area? It also hurts down my Spine & in my Hips! I also have the "Fibro Fog" where I have a Really Hard time Concentrating & Forming Words at Times! Do you Experience Similar Issues? If so what tends to help you? Well, I hope you can somehow find Relief & Find the Medication that's Right for you! Good Luck & God Bless! Jana
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Hi Jana.

You are a welcome & refreshing addition to our little community!

Despite your multiple issues, you still have a very kind and caring demeanor.

Since, I have dealt with debilitating pain for years- this feels like eons ago!-
very successfully, let me pass my 2 "sense" of wisdom.

My two horrific traffic accidents- both near death experiences- resulted in
numerous serious injuries, including head trauma (skull cracked open),
broken ribs, leg injuries, internal organ damage, ptsd

It feels surreal sometimes, finding myself alive and well, with no signs
of any serious issues, stemming from those accidents.

Occasionally, I get some reminder, like tonight, my right arm is not functional at all and the slightest movement sends a deadly pain signal,
strong enough to warrant using DMSO (look up IWILLDOTHIS in this community, a thread with many natural and holistic ideas to deal with fibro,
including DMSO)  and self-hypnosis. Typing with the left hand only is challenging,lol!  

Meditation and Hypnosis must be my top options for pain management,
with Reiki, a very close second.
Given a chance, with the proper energy and intention to get implemented and integrated into our bodies and minds, they can help turn a person's life around. ( from hell to heaven!).

It is not a silver bullet, it's easier to take meds , but if one can find enough determination and perseverance, until the above are mastered, the reward
is ... getting one's life back but with many enhancements!

The difference it made in my own life, is beyond what any words can describe!  The profound results, prompted me to study and become a Reiki Practitioner (level 2 presently and waiting for my Reiki Master level
in the fall) and a Hypnotherapist.

Definitely not for everybody, however, if interested in some self-help approaches, let me know.

Time to take care of my arm and get some sleep!


PS. Jana, please look up "Oil Pulling" using coconut oil, for your dental
and oral issues, but make sure you stay hydrated.
Some of the meds you're on are causing the dryness in your mouth.
Also coconut oil consumption, helps in numerous ways, more than you can imagine!

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