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fibromyalgia and hypercoaguability

Is fibromyalgia and hypercoaguability related? I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia--(3 years ago)--but I also have a previous pulmonary embolism.
The doctor who treated my P.E., said that she had to prescribe more warfarin for me than she ever had to for any other patient in her 20  year career. She specializes in treating post-operative emboli.
Every week I had my blood drawn to gauge how much my warfarin dosage should be.
Every week for months it was increased. My blood just didn't seem to easily thin.
My doctor was very nervous about the dosage that I finally had to take--it was so high.
Is there a corelation with that and my fibro?
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Is your prescribing doctor a hematologist?
There might be a gene expression that is causing this.
A hematologist can help with this issue better.
Fibromyalgia is an open ended syndrome of symptoms with
unknown etiology and no cure. So  attempting  to connect hypercoaguability to Fibromyalgia cannot lead to anything useful, for dx or treatment purposes.
Hope this helps.

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I had read that there was a speculative hypothesis by a researcher who had found a high percentage of those two conditions coinciding with one another.
I just wondered if anyone else had heard about such a study. I suppose I was wondering if the blood thickness was controlled, perhaps the fibro pain could improve. (Hoping for anything, I suppose.)
I was asymptomatic during by treatment with anticoagulants. Zero fibromyalgia pain during those 9 months.
Thank you for your reply.
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