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fibromyalgia and scoliosis?

Hi I have a 14 yr old daughter that has just been diagnosed with having fibromyalgia and now scoliosis...she has had a myoclonic jerking of her right leg for over 8 months and they sent her to a neurologist who said that she has nothing wrong with her that it is conversion disorder....he ordered neruo psychology and  for her to go to physical therapy...during therapy the psychologist has determined that my daughter does not have conversion disorder and they physical therapist sent her to a rheumatologist for a testing for arthritis or fibromyalgia..at that time she was diagnosed with having fibromyalgia...we started pain management since it was prescribed for her and during that..she has now been diagnosed with having scoliosis and they are saying how the other dr's couldnt take the time to see that this childs spine is not right..does anyone else out there deal with having both of these issues and if so what type of medications are you taking and what type of therapy if any..is it working?
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Was there another type of conversion disorder other than the obvious motor type?
Can you think of any traumatic event, that may have triggered this?
Did the Rheumy base his diagnosis using the old criteria (11 out of the 18 tender point test) or the newly implemented diagnostic procedure?
What is the degree of her spinal curvature and which direction?
How did the psych doc make his determination?

I may have some suggestions, however, I will wait for your answers first and any other info that you may consider pertinent.

Not to despair my dear. I understand how you feel. It is a very overwhelming situation for any parent.
Have faith that things will work out. You need to be extra strong at this time for your daughter. And this strength comes from within.
Do not feel rushed to start any drastic therapy program, if you both do not feel ready or comfortable with it.  
Please post soon.
Blessings to you and your family,

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