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fibromyalgia burnning and numbness

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  I have severe back and neck pain.  I had back sugery 4 months ago with severe pain in the surgical area again. I also have severe neck pain and stiffness. I have a severe burning pain in my shoulders and neck along with numbness.  I am not getting any answers from the doctors, and I have also been suffering with severe daily headaches.MRI of brain said normal. Do you have any idea what is going on with me and also where I can turn for proper pain management, doctors do not want to perscribe any narcotic type meds. Please help

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Hi and welcome

From what you described, it does sound like fibromyalgia.  The most important thing with fibro is sleep.  Try to get a solid night of sleep every night.  I take a benadryl and 3mg. of melatonin to help me sleep through the night.  That one thing has really helped me.  There are also exercises that help relive the muscle pain.  A therapist could show you.  Also, check out your local library for any books on fibro.  

Honestly, it is not wise for drs. to prescribe narcotics to people with chronic painful conditions.   I know you are hurting, but I encourage you to seek out other alternatives.  What work for me is, 2 tylenol and 2 ibuprophen at the same time.  I have a friend who has RA and aleve really works for her.  Just be very careful with the tylenol that you don't overdose.  A friend of mine ODed and was dead within 30 min. from liver failure (acedamenophen toxicity).  Also be sure and take ibuprophen w/ food to keep from getting an ulcer.  I know you know all of this, but sometimes desperate people do desperate things to get relief.

Praying for you,
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Hi, I also have Fibromyalgia and RA. I don't believe in taking narcotics either...My Doctors, however have me on a few anti depressant for depression and pain management...I've been on Lyrica for a few years and I did get some relief..I'm on Wellbutrin, and also Effixor, and I've gained about 50pds..which dosent help my joints either..It dose sound like Fibro to me my pain is burning and deep dull pain..Istarted weening myself off Lyrica a few days back...I don't feel any different yet..So I'll see . I neede to find a Reumatoligist to get my answers...You may be luck and not gain any weight...I also started looking up my perscriptions on the internet, some of the side effects are worse than the disease....Something that always helps with pain and sleep....A hot soaking bath for abou 20min a few hours before bed .I put about two cups of epsom salt under running water....Also be very carefulabout taking advil, alleve on a regular basis, my Dr. said I could Burn my liver out..Good luck and Godbless..JerZGrl
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