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fibromyalgia medications

i have been treated with hydrocodone for two years. i want to stop this because i don't want to depend on this med. i was put on gabapentin 100 it does help me fairly well but i noticed some weight gain and i don't eat too much with this med. the dr switched me to zonegram when i read the side effect of it can cause a rash which can cause death i threw it out. then we tried topamax. i was on it one night. i also have to take serequel 100 for anxiety and wellbutrin 300 and buspar 7.5 x2 day well, i tried the topamax with the serequel before bed and i was so dizzy i couldn't stand it. i was really sick so i stopped it. i called my dr back and said put me back on the gabapentin as i can tolerate it. i am concerned though about the weight gain. why does it cause weight gain thank you
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At this point you may want to consider seeing a Rhuemetologist (sp?)???
They will be able to advise you of better ways to control and manage your pain.

Not to discount your current Dr., but from the meds you've tried, it seems like you may be searching in the wrong direction.

Best of luck!
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boy o boy do I agree with VintageChicken. Your doctor sounds like a prescription nut!.  Do you have a diagnosis? or is he just pulling the names of medicine out of his, ah, er, hat? I must say I've never heard of Gabapentin nor Zonegram.  I'm sorry to say I have heard of Topamax-simply no place in Fibromyalgia treatment from every report I've heard, read, seen and made from personal experience.  It cripples every mind that I've learned about. And I can't believe you're on Serequel and Buspar and Wellbutrin.  Frankly your doctor must see a serious mental annomally that he's treating.  I'm not wanting to be offensive.  It's just an unusual combination and amount to just treat the typical concurrent depression that often accompanies Fibromyalgia.

Plus the only treatment I'm hearing is prescriptions, no other therapies.  You should have various physical therapies prescribed for you like heat, massage, gentle exercise.  Meditative and stretching treatments are helpful like yoga and tai quan do (sp?) For your state of mind nothing is ususally better than regular visits with a trained psychologist or psychaitrist who specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Then there's the use of carefully selected vitamins and supplements, diet and regular, gentle exercise.  It sounds like you are seriously missing out.

I do hope, if your diagnosis is Fibromyalgia or something in the neighborhood that you are seeing a Board Certified Rheumatologist.  They are the only doctors who specialize in and are likely to keep up with trends in Fibro.  Your family or Primary Care Physician typically are too spread out to know enough to treat you effectively.  

I understand the desire to get off the use of narcotic meds.  That's a good goal.  Let me just reiterate, you should have other therapies/treatments available to you.  They may make the difference you're looking for.  However, there are many who find adequate relief from pain through narcotics.  They can be dangerous and require respect for the medications and careful administration.  I don't necessarily rule them out when used in conjunction with the other ideas and not just other drugs.

I keep going back to read your post.  It scares me every time.  I see you ended with a question about weight gain.  I'm sorry to go back to this, but it seems weight gain may be the least of your problems with treatment.  I would start with finding another physician to provide your care for Fibromyalgia or whatever you have. :-)
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