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fibromyalgia numbness

i have had fm for about 3 years now but just recently i have been getting more and more numbness in my arms legs and feet sometimes it hurts and sometimes it so bad they go dead like the feeling you get when you been lay on them for hours and then wake up and they are dead, i only have to keep something still for a couple of mins for it to stat, like now cos on pc my legs and feet are numb and tingling really bad, is this normal is there anything i can do to relieve symptoms. thanks. julie x
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Hello jwles,
I am sorry you are experiencing numbness and pain. Did you say the numbness only happens when you lay on a limb, or does it happen all of the time? Sometimes numbness can occur with Fibromyalgia. It's a common neurological symptom of Fibro. I have numbness in my left foot due to nerve dysfunction in my spine. My case is somewhat severe in that I have some other co-occurring conditions along with my Fibromyalgia.

As far as trying to alleviate symptoms- make sure you have a good mattress to sleep on at night and a good pillow. Don't sleep on more than one pillow and don't bunched it up. I purchased one of those a tempurpedic mattresses- It's wonderful! They also have tempurpedic pillows too!  

As far as medication goes, and I am no doctor of course, but anti-seizure meds like Lyrica and Neurontin can be very effective for nerve tingling and pain for some people. I take a sister medication called Topamax, which works well for my nerve problems, but this one can also cause tingling too (ironic) when you are first getting used to it. I suggest talking to your doctor about your symptoms especially if it's been awhile since you've been in to see him or her. See what he or she suggests. Good Luck!
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thanks for your comments i will talk to doc and maybe change my mattress too!. it happens all the time just when im sat or stood still it has got much worse recently was never this bad till couple of months ago. im seeing cosultant in dec so will speak to him rather than just general gp, thanks keep well your self. hugs julie.x
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