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fibromyalgia or arthritis for 17 year old female

okay I am a 17 year old female living with my father and brother. For the past 3 years I have been experiencing very bad migranes usually coming from a muscle in my neck or shoulders. It makes me nausiousand my neck is very sore along with my head. I have been going through my days with wide pain in my head, and also I have very bad hand pain. Sometimes it is only one hand, most the time it is both. They fill with this deep burning sensation and it hurts to move them and they get stiff on me and have even lock up on me;causing me to drop things or have bad grip. They sometimes tingle, burn, ache, and sometimes the pain makes me not be able to concentrate. Often going throughout my hands, wrist and shoulders and forearm. I am also expeirncing dizziness since I was about 10. I have passed out. When I get dizzy I feel it comin to me, I have to hold myself up while my eyes go black and I start to shake in the legs and sometimes fall. Incoherant to what is going on around me. My father and brother just believe I don't have pain, which does not help me at all. I have missed many days of school from waking up early for school and being sick to my stomache and puking and being weak. I am just confused at to what this could be? Any ideas? Thanks!
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It definitely sounds like you need to see a doctor.  I have no way of telling what you have wrong with you, but you really need to be checked out to make sure it is nothing serious and to get relief.  You cannot go on living like this.  Wait for other people's comments to see if they are able to help you.  Hope this helps!
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well I have went to a doctor for my migranes and all they did was give me a medicine called amitriptyline. I've went to check my hands for carpal tunnell but it showed up nothing but some nerve damage and then they recommended me to go check for arthritis. I've went to the chiropracter for my neck and back-seems to be making it worse. And I am still waiting on getting a new migrane medicine, and I am waiting to go to a rumatologist. Hopefully I will find out what it is, I just know last year I was severely depressed and I was always hurting. Makes me want to go into this medical field to find out what is wrong with myself since the doctors now cannot.
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Have you ever had a CT scan or MRI of your head and neck?  
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well I had gotten into a wreck around march this year and the hospital had a MRI done on me and they said everything was normal besides these two bones in my neck that moved away from each other. My mom also has alot of the same symptoms so she is thinking it is genetic, but we do not know yet. I live in a small town and my mom lives in lexington. I only get to go up there every other weekend because of school, unless it is fall break so it is hard to get to see a doctor.
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It sounds like you need to see a neurologist.  It's hard to tell if your symptoms are coming from the neck area (having something to do with the two bones that moved away from each other?) or elsewhere or B12 deficiency (though I would think that you would have symptoms in the legs also with that).  I assume your mother never found answers to her symptoms or you would have mentioned them.  

Your best bet is to go to a doctor and get some testing done.  Get a little firm with them and tell them everything you said in the first posting.  Sometimes if the doctor doesn't recognize the symptoms and you aren't visibly dying from anything, they send you home with no diagnosis.  Sometimes you have to get a little pushy and keep emphasizing how difficult it is for you to live everyday life.   One more thing....check out the Chiari malformation site - post on there and see what they say.  That is something many doctors are not well read on and won't look for on an MRI.  It can cause all of your symptoms, as I'm sure many things can.  Just something for you to look into.  Hang in there and let me know how it goes and what you find out.
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well I also have very bad leg pains and ankle. Most the time it's my knee caps but it tends to go throughout calf muscles, I have pains n my lower bak all the time and my weist always hurt. I have no idea why I hurt like I do, but it's became usual for me.. I just hope I canget it to go away before I wind up like my dad thinking pain is nothin and no need in doctor. . But no my mother has not yet to figure it out, she is also ina lot of pain. And thank you so much! I definatley will.!
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Google "pots." it could be low blood pressure. Sounds like you may need a better primary physician-one who is willing to send you for more tests. Hang in there, they are discovering new treatment plans everyday, you just have to find your correct diagnosis-it may take a while.
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I have had someone mention pots to me. My father n dad just blow it off. My mom is the only one who cares besides my granny and sister. But I barely take medicine because it doesn't help. I have an area in my back where you an push and I will probably fall to the floor because the pain.
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