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give me all possibles symptoms of fibromyalgia
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To apohantas,
Many of us all have different symptoms so I'll just name the ones I have or have had.
numbing/tingling on arms/legs/feet/hands/fingers/thighs
burning feet
muscle pain on thighs and arms like I worked out all day
sensative to touch on body
neck/shoulder pain
all joints pain-knees/toes/fingers/elbows/shoulder joint
fatique- like I need to just sleep, so tired
restless legs like pins and needles
sharp/shooting/stabbing deep bone pain on legs
These are just some off the top of my head
Hope you have none of them.

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I have numbing/tingling on arms, legs, feet and hands, mild pain, maybe two or three in a day. I sleep okey, because I am taking Pristig for depression, and also Lorasapan for Anxiety. I do have the shooting/stabbing pain on my legs, but is mild pain. I don't have fatigue, maybe because I am taking Vitamins, and also Ensure. I eat well. My hands sometimes they get hot. When the weather is cold, my symptoms seemed to dissapear.
the temperature in my house has to be set 69 degrees. Do you have these symptoms too?
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I have Raynauds phenomomen, so my hands get very painful when they get cold and because of the rheumatiod arthritis my joints in my hands get red and hot. You know all the doctors always want to put people on antidepressants for Fibro but I've yet to hear that they work at relieving the pain. I know several people like yourself is on something but they still have pain and the numbing and tingling. Have you been offically diagnosed. It sounds like you are one of the lucky ones that its mild, of coarse nobody should have to deal with this at any degree. All that I listed above is what I have experienced. Of course my other diseases also have very similar symptoms so sometimes I don't know if its a Lupus flare or Fibro flare or RA, or Sjogrens. I'm pretty sure all the numbing and tingling and burning sensations are of Fibro. Wpw 69 degress is too cold for me, I would have to be bundled up. Hope your feeling better, continue to post if you need another info I can help with. Fibro is such a horrible condtion, I wonder what they called it before?
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