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I had so much pain that I could hardly crawl in the door yesterday.  The pain was everywhere upper back, legs, hips, upper arms and neck.  It seems like this condition happens when I have not much pain and try to get everything I need to do in a couple days and then the next day I cannot move.  On a good day if I sit for more than 20-30 minutes I stiffen up and takes a while to move again at all. My knees joints are very painful. My doctors has referred me to a rheumotolgist and suspects this could be my diagnosis. One thing that boggles his mind is that my leg pain is not present on a good day until I am lying down for more than 30 minutes then horrible aching begins.  My sed rate is also high but RA and Lupus test came back negative. Doew this sound like arthritus or fibromyalgia? Any comments would be greatly appreciated

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Boy can I relate. I experience the vicious cycle of good days/bad days also, as I'm sure many of us do. On a good day I try to get caught up on all the stuff that did not get done on the bad day(s), then for the next day or days I am sore, exhausted and useless again. Very frustrating it is. I am learning to pace myself on good days, which are growing furthur apart these days. I also get extremely stiff after sitting 15-20 minutes and look as though I'm like 105 yrs. old when I get up to move. These are classic Fibro symptoms, although the joint pain could be caused by arthritis also. I find that most of my pain from the Fibro is in the soft tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments, along w the debilitating fatique, brain fog and many other not so pleasant symptoms. Your in the right place here for people who will understand what you are going through.
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Yeah, I think that the really vicious swings up and down happen until you learn to pace (or if you don't because of a big event you realize you're gonna pay for it). Drinking a ton of water, eating right (no refined products, low amounts of sugar etc) helps a lot. Stretching regularily is my saviour.

It's one of those things where you realize that you aren't ever going to get to 'normal' but if you can take the edge off, it's a good day.

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hey yeh, all, aren't we all living the textbook example!
resting well, then feeling good, then doing things that feel ok at the time, but then stopping and paying he'll for the next 3-5 days.
we need to sit down before we need to, and the trick here is to just sit down even when we don't feel like it, and check how we feel. i have an 11:30am alarm reminder to SIDDOWN, and if it feels ok, i carry on, and if i feel like shite i stop.
also btw i have cut out dairy - it helps w reducing the inflammation. doesn't tame the excruciating fatigue tho. agree w cutting down sugar too - all of it if you possibly can; it can starve out a bad gutbacteria that produces heII wastes that make us sluggish.
it's a case of just picking one or two things to be done that day. one phone call and one errand - as well and daily feeding cooking cleaning routine. i have stopped work. recovery is a fulltime job. good luck everybody
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I have had fibro along with PTS for the last 15 years.  I have had treatment in several venues and I am starting accupncture and Physical Therapy twice a week starting in Sept. This "syndrome" has made many days , months and years painful for me.  I very seldom let it stop me coompletely because I have learned to generally work against the pain.  I am now 7 7 years old, just lost my husband, and I am trying to find soe relief.  Has anyone been given the treatments I mentioned above.  If so, did you get any positive results?  I still have the responeibility of the house and yard and want to remain independent ASAP.  Any help would be  appreciated.
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