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for the women with fibro

Do you notice that yours flares up really bad around the time for your period? It seems like I have he most aches and pains when it is getting near that time of the month.
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ok, good I am not going crazy then. lol I am very very irregular so sometimes I swear I can tell that I am about to start spotting or something when all my aches and pains become much much worse.
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I swear my legs and back hurt so bad, the week before my period almost brings me to tears, I hate taking meds but I would try almost anything that week.
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Although I do't have periods any longer, every month at about the time I would be starting, I flare with a vengence. And my head feels like it is going to fall off. My internist gace me imitrex yesterday for the migraines, but I'm allowed only 10 a month. I'll tell you right now that pill knocked that headache fast.

gentle hugs
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trust me you're not alone and my, I'm glad I'm not imagining. Yes, my symptoms are much worse during that time and the pain and fatigue sometimes multiply by ten. I wish it's the same as flu symptoms but it's not because no matter how much rest I get, I just don't seem to recover!
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I always had more problems around that time of month with pain, anxiety and depression...my whole body in general.  I was glad when they added PMDS dx.  My symptoms were much more severe than the typical periods of my peers.
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Correction:  PMDD not PMDS
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Definitely yes... but fortunately not as bad as before I started my treatment protocol. At least now I'm getting my periods again.
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ive never put two and two together. im going through a flare and aunt flow is on her way. lol. talk about a double whammy.
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