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heumatoid/fibromyalgia Hep C Methotrexate shots,can this be worse for my liver? :(

.I'm taking Methotrexate shots for my arthritis,which is spreading quite rapidly.don't know much about this shot, I get every other week..if I miss an appt,my arms will lock,have no use of my arms.
completely locks,{best description>Looks like a chicken wing lol} pain is so vicious.
combined w/ the legs/feet/back cramping from the arthritis,all @ the same time,just ruins me,
I will browse med help/and google about fibro/rheumatoid as well..since this is new to me..
..I haven't been bipolar for some time.my depression has increased w/ severe anger outburst w/ bad impulse,which I always regret later..I'm starting a new med _Saphris 5mg..suppose to help w/ my severe mood swings/anger issues...I'll start this tomorrow..I am 51 ..trying to educate myself now with new illness, my pinky is getting deform,I can't enjoy sketching.:( any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
my main concern are,
can these shots be harmful to my liver?
overall I feel extremely sluggish/so tired.
.Thank You.Have a Wonderful Day!
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