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how long?

Today while doing a crossword I nearly passed out. I scheduled an appointment with my Dr. Next week.  I don't feel very hopeful though. I have been so many times and I still feel terrible.  I always wonder if they missed some type of cancer or something.  Is it possible to feel this bad and have nothing wrong? I don't know what to do anymore. Any suggestions on what to do about the nausea and stomach issues that accompany cfs ?
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i haven't experienced the nausea or passing out or stomach problems... wonder if any other fatigue people here can identify with these?
you might have fatigue AS WELL AS something else.
hope your dr can run some tests.
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I don't usually have any problems with nausea, but I have noticed that a precurser to a bad Fibro/CFS flair up is a change in my blood sugar, which in turn makes me very light headed and irritable.  

Even while standing in the kitchen cooking, if I turn too quickly around to put something in sink,etc... I get so dizzy that I feel like I could faint.  It's a very horrible feeling.

Good luck with your Dr's visit!  Hopefully you have a Dr that is willing to work with you and your varying symptoms.
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Nausea is one of the few symptoms I haven't heard people complain of. Dizziness and feeling faint is very common, but usually associated with standing (postural tachycardia syndrome or POTS) - I presume you were sitting when you were doing the crossword? What Acker said- I wonder if there are 2 things going on.
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I have had something similar going on in addition to a long list of symptoms.  In my case I will start feeling nauseated and then break out in a sweat. After that it feels like I'm going to pass out.  So far for me it only lasts 15 mins or so and then passes.
I know there has got to be something serious wrong though because it's so extreme.
Docs don't understand it in my case.
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Hi Forestelf-sorry to hear you've not been well. I was diagnosed with Fibro about 6 yrs ago. Nausea has absolutely been an issue for me. I was actually very skeptical about the fibro diagnosis ( I went to 2 more dr.'s and they confirmed it), since I didn't think nausea was a symptom. But it sure is for me, and my doc prescribes phenergan as part of my med management. Hope you get feeling better:)
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I do have trouble with nausea. Nausea can occur with IBS, which many people with FMS/CFS have.
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You said:
.....  In my case I will start feeling nauseated and then break out in a sweat. After that it feels like I'm going to pass out.  So far for me it only lasts 15 mins or so and then passes....

I get the same thing, usually the nausea seems to reach a kind of "fever pitch" type of peak and then *bam* I break out in sweat all over, shaking etc.

I wonder if this is the same thing and ifr it is the fibro? Or maybe a side effect from a med we have in common to treat the fibro?

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I do have ibs. I have had stomach problems and major health anxiety since my son died. I am on cymbalta again.  The fatigue has been ongoing
It is so good to hear the experience of others
. This is certainly confusing!
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maybe look up orthostatic hypotension, i think it's a circulatory system problem; it has a lot to do with passing out, and tiredness. but that's all i know. could be a bum steer!
looks like more accounts of nausea too; so its sort of good news bad news you're not alone...
no words enough to say sorry about the loss of your late son, that's absolutely terrible, so severe.
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All of the above does make me wonder...
For me I was perfectly healthy before the digestive issues started.  Now ten years later the fibro/ cfs/ ?? symptoms seem to have come about.  I guess it could be possible that some sort of chronic intestinal problem on a long term basis could be causing a autoimmune or CNS response.
In my case I'm tempted to request an exploratory surgery to rule out some hidden problem if no other good solutions are found.  humm.. IDK
Sorry to hear of such hardship, Forestelf.  Hope you can get some answers.

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Have you looked into leaky gut? I haven't explored this too much but many people are convinced it is closely related to a lot of the ME/CFS problems
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