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ia m so fed up with this flare, cant move my left leg off the bed worried

I had been doing well since 2008  when i had a big flare from 2007 when i first got ill, they thought i had MS but no lesions so in 2008 they said fibro then in 2009 mps as well after being bedridden for 4 mths in bed after physio change of drugs i built up over the next years to walking with a stick using my scooter picking kids up from school light house work etc then just before christmas 2010 i started to decline and more flares came less good days then 4 weeks muscle spasms all over just like in 2007 all the time so painful nerve pain in left leg could not touch or lay on it since being on codein that is touchable now but cant lay on it and walking hurts so much and when laying on my back i can not lift that leg off the bed yet i can the right and used both the same, when i was 4 mths in bed i never had that happen.

all inmy neuro exams i always lifted that leg what has happened to it how does that happen in 4 weeks? it cant just be muscle weakness or that would of happened last time when i was really bad.

so tired of facing climbing up again! the pain the consipation from the codein just fell over too balance bad even with crutches.

has anyone with fibro had this with htere leg before when they just cant lift it off the bed i am abit worried, in a week i am booked into a private holistic and medical hospital for 12 days i am hoping the drs might insist on a mri as my dr wont do any tests as its all fibro or mps i dont think it is this time.
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