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intense hip pain and sensitive painful skin

i have such bad hip pain it is worst on the right side been getting worst over a few mths my dr has put up my fenntanal patch to 100 and am on balclofen as well but nothing seems to stop this pain i've been in bed for a week not long compared to last yr 2 mths was the longest the pain is muscle based but also nerve and the skin around the thigh of the right leg is agony i cant bare any thing on it and i've had this before, i;ve tried alot in my time with this illness amitripline,lyrica,acupan,requip,temazpam,clonazpam,diazapam, none of that worked
fentanal patches helped and baclofen. i've tried hydrothreapy that help and osteopath but all expensive, chripractor,accupuncher,changed diet to a ph balance,gentle exercise.

i had 5 good mths and you think this must be getting better but then it comes back to ground you again so all the work you put in like the gentle exercise hydro it all goes out the window and you have to start again!!

have others suffered with this hip pain and painful skin?

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I get confused when you describe your "painful skin." Could you go into more detail about this?

Your other symptoms sound a lot like sciatica and what offers you relief as well. I suffer from it and it does cause intense hip, buttock, leg and lower back pain at times when I am in a bad flare. Mine is caused by a bulging and torn disc in my lower lumbar spine. I also have mild scoliosis and some nerve dysfunction, which causes my left foot to be numb. It took 10 years though between the time I was diagnosed and the time I actually had the nerve damage symptoms. Not everyone experiences that aspect- I was just one of the unlucky ones.

Has your doctor ever taken an MRI of your lumbar spine? Have you ever had blood tests to rule out Lupus, or have you seen a Rheumatologist?
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Hi, I so sympathize with your hip pain, which I'm nursisng at the moment.  I think, in my own case, it might have lots to do with the way I sleep.  When pain gets too much, I use a pain patch with heating pad.  Hydro is expansive.....but I do believe it is benefitial.I also take lots warm bath, and add magenesium, epsom salt in it.  Not sure if it actually relief the pain entirely.  But, hey, I feel pampered and refreshed after a long bubble bath.  Giggle.

Painful skin....um....I think I undersand, cuz I have it from time to time, expecially when being touched.,   OUCH!!!

My pains come and go....but the tender/trigger point neer go away.   It is one of those neuro. part of FMS, I suppose.

Fingers crossed that you feel better soon.
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Hi I am new here but i also have fibro plus myofacial syndrome also. The hip pain your describing is kind of like what I had and suffered just like you did. Mine ended up being that my pelvis was out of alignment and a physical therapist put it back in place and the pain left. My pain started and then increased in frequency till i was sick to my stomach . Hope this helps
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hi sassy

yes my physio mentioned myofacial pain syndrome to me she says i have knots in my muscles and i did start massage treatment but couldnt go last week and now kids off i wont go till after new year. Maybe its the muscles that cause this pain the skin thing is sensitive to touch and sore agony when someone or clothes touch it cant even sit on that side. the pain makes me sick to my stomach when its like this it is back again this weekend and i just dont know what to treat it with apart from letting it take its toll.
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I found this when I googled painful hip/sensitive to touch because that is what I have since last night.  My hips are always "tender" like a bursitis problem maybe, but this sensitive skin thing has definitly kicked it up about 3 notches!  Very strange feeling, like a neuropathy thing sort of!
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