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Hi all!   I am julie, age 49, and was diagnosed with FM/CFS  15yrs ago.  I have been struggling with this all this time and have taken every medication and test under the sun.  I have been taking cymbalta for about 10 months now and I think it helps a little. Concerned about the brain fog and short term memory loss but seems to be fibro related.  I am also taking 3 vicodin a day just to "cut the edge" of the immense pain that most days bring.  I was trying to work for the last 2 yrs but due to the stress, fibro, 5 herniated discs, and (the final straw) a TIA that landed me in the hospital I was forced to quit.  This has happened repeatedly over the years. I try to push myself and keep up with a job but it is never long before I am overwhelmed and make myself ill to the point of collapse.  i am currently in the midst of a really debilitating fibro flare and struggling to get out of bed and function normally.  i think I really did it this time and pushed myself over the limit. I live in a state where Dr.s are very reluctant to prescribe the meds that help even a little and of course they look at me like I am crazy when I even mention fibro and the rest. I am looking forward to being involved here as just in one day I feel like I have found a group who can truly understand the difficulties of living with this.  Thanks already and in advance for all the support.       J.
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Hi Julie...you have come to a great place. It is comforting to know that you are not the only one...and others do understand. I don't know that I have any great answers but I can relate...that is for sure. I wish I was able to work but it doesn't seem like that is going to happen in the near future. Right now I am just trying to find a med that will help...and try to come to terms with the fact that this may be better from one day to the next...but will be something I have to deal with for the rest of my life. I am sorry you are not getting the support you need from your dr. Mine is pretty understanding and it still seems like there isn't many things that they know will work for sure. It is alot of trial and error...and luck if you find something that works for you. I too am very concerned with the lost and hazy feeling that I seem to have. I am never sure if it is the fibro..or the meds...or a mix of both. All I know is it seems to be worse than normal lately since starting this new med (Savella). I also take pain meds just to get through the day. My dr would like it if I can stop them soon...and if he can help me find something else that works...I would love too but it doesn't seem like that is going to happen anytime soon. I hope that your flare settles down soon. Heck...I hope mine does too...lol. We went camping over the weekend. While I love it...it is so hard on me...so now I try to recooperate. Best of luck to you. Gentle hugs.
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Welcome!  Your story sounds very similar to most of the folks on here... all searching for answers and looking for support to get through the bad days!

It is very much trial and error and learning about what your triggers are - which seems to be as varied and vast as are the symptoms for this horrible disease!

For me personally, it helps to control my diet with little or no processed sugars/flours, artificial sweeteners, and MSG.  I also need to keep my body moving with some sort of exercise or I fall deeper and deeper into depression and fatigue.  

Recently I've started attacking my sypmtoms with vitamins and supplements and I'm trying to learn all I can about herbal supplements that might help.  

I think we are all searching for ways to get our lives back!  This is a great place to get support and encouragement!
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Thanks for the comments and support. Just returned for a long weekend away and it will take a week to recover. It was fun but I had to push myself through with a smile on my face so as not to disturb my travel mate. I know he was trying so hard to make it fun but I didnt want to ruin the moment--now I must pull it back together.  I have hit yet another wall..not the first or last.  The cymbalta seems to help some but it wont combat the fatique or pain. Thanks again for the support!
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Oh my gosh...why does it have to be so brutal to have a little fun...lol. We went to a demo derby over the weekend. I knew sitting in the bleachers would be rough but had no idea just how bad I would hurt. It was fun but it has taken several days now and I still don't feel very good. I hope your fun was good enough to make it worth the flare that we have to endure as punishment.
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