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involuntary jerking & shaking- anyone exp? I am scared.

Anyone with FM have involuntary jerking or shaking? This has just started for me. I am waiting for new insurance to get tested for Lupus or MS. I was just curious if anyone else has this? I also have numbness in arms, hands and feet. I also got the strangest rash on my arm yesterday. I don't know whats going wrong with my body!! I feel very alone and scared. I see my Internal Med. doc Thursday, but I am worried...

Any advice or comments are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Jennifer,

I know of a guy who has CFS and he has involuntary shaking in one of his legs. If I find any information on this from my website, I'll send it your way.
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P.S. ---- I would consider taking magnesium (I buy the powered), in case you have a deficiency and also consider being tested for lyme disease (if you haven't already).
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I too have had some jerking and shacking of the limbs but not very often at all.  Inabillity to control body temperature is another Fibro symptom. There are many that you may not know about but many are also overlapping with other illness' such as Thyroid, MS rtc. Rash could be Lupus but there are skin problems with Fibro too. You should ask for a referal to have an RA take care of you if it turns out that you have Lupus or Fibro. You also must keep up to date on research out there. You will be very much in charge of your body and take notes on what effects you good and bad.  Bring notes to every dr. appt. for them to copy. Don't miss appts. because you may have to collect social security disibillity insurance in the near furture.  I was able to work for 8 years but my back had some more bulging disks and that caused worsening Fibro symptoms and the depression that go with it. Find some video blogs that people with chronic pain or Fibro (I just saw some a few weeks ago.  Let your husband watch the worst ones first.  They aren't too long 3 to 12 minutes long.  Or google for the longest list of Fibro symptoms and leave it in a place that he will see it and have the time to take it all in. If you need help finding it let me know, i'll look for it again.   There is a reason for everything, we may not know why for awhile.  Sincerely Sharon
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I hope you are taking magnesium. I have an article posted on my website called "The Role of Magnesium in Fibromyalgia" --- it was written by Mark London.


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I too have those, but I would definitely get checked for lupus and ms to be for sure. Wish you the best! I'll say a prayer.
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hi i have m.e for many years and often get jerking. mostly at rest tho. have a full check up tho so they can rule out anything else which they did for me back then. take care
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