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is this fibromyalgia

I was told I have chest wall pain. However I am always achy, tired and when I push on certain parts if my upper chest if hurts. If I lay on it, walk to much or anything. I was told I might have fibromyalgia but unsure. What kind of doctor do I go to when my primary doctor won't help
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Based on your symptoms I would get yourself tested for Lyme disease. Achiness and fatigue are all very common symptoms of Lyme and doctors hardly ever think to check for it. Definately look into that!
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Hi leagle97.

While the suggestion for Lyme's Disease investigation is reasonable, in view
of the complexities and the amount of time it takes, the false negatives, the controversies, the high costs associated with it, I would recommend you rule out first other conditions, consistent with your symptoms, which are much simpler to explore.

Some possibilities to look into : Costochondritis, Tietze's syndrome,
Bornholm disease, low thyroid function to name a few.
I would say a Rheumatologist would be the type of doctor to see in my opinion, but this is something your primary doctor should be advising you.
My gosh, what kind oh health care delivery is this?
If I were in your situation, I would have switched to another doctor, but not before I I would have given him/her a piece... of my mind!
I detest  deliberate medical indifference, apathy and  ignorance.

Best wishes.
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Thank you for your help. I was told that it is costiocondritis which is being caused by fibromyalgia. I see my pain management doctor at the end of the month. I ended up in er last night because I was very dehydrated, and in pain with my chest. They gave me some torodol to take which had helped. I can not stand that a doctor just wants to push me away but I hate changing and having to start all over..
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You are welcome.
Unfortunately the information you were given about costiocondritis caused by fibromyalgia  is incorrect..
By definition, fibromyalgia (FMS) is a syndrome, therefore does not cause
any other conditions itself-in other words it is the sum of symptoms and imbalances, with some of those being necessarily present for its diagnosis.

The cause of costiocondritis could possibly be one of the underlying causes fibromyalgia, which by the way remains unknown according to
conventional medical science. It is possible that this was the intended
explanation, but in the attempt to oversimplify it, it actually came out wrong.

Dr. Lowe from the Fibromyalgia Research Foundation supports the premise that most fibromyalgia patients are either hypothyroid or thyroid hormone resistant.
Could this be one important ,yet overlooked causative factor in Fibromyalgia?

Best wishes.

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Can you help me with the understanding of it. I have had an ekg weds, a ct angio gram, chest x ray, anf blood work that tested for tropinin... everything came back good but I continue to have the pain in the chest. What bugs me is that everything you read says costio is down in the ribs and not in the upper chest wall area. It is sore when I cough, when I push on it sometimes moves from left side to right side. The pain that I am feeling is in the boob area on the outside and the top and up by the nck where the breast bone is. I am not sure why my doctor does not want to help me and thinks I am crazy for asking for help for it. I want to get into another doctor but dont want to start all over. I am on prednisone for loqer back pain and they say that this will help the costio as well..

Please help me and guide me in the right direction on where to go and what to do as my insurance does not cover much and the way my work is I am not able to get off to go to a doctor appointment nor do I get off in time to go to an appointment..

Frankly I am getting aggitated that I can get no help and no one can seem to figure out anything to giveme to help me and I am about done going to the doctor for it. It seems like this doctor (not pain management) family doctor just wants to keep putting me on medications and I feel that if I say no and dont try them that she will not want to help me
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Please re-read your second paragraph.
The conclusiveness is very limiting.
If you were to see a reputable doctor, who could help you,
would you be able to "find" time for an appointment and to pay out of pocket, what you insurance does not cover?
I figured you would answer yes.

I suggest you look into possible underlying causes, like low thyroid function,
pathogenic mycoplasma infection and its coinfections,  reduction in dopamine synthesis, high homocysteine levels, possibly due to under methylation-caused by prolonged stress levels and /or genetic mutations
such as MTHFR defects-adenal fatigue and others.

Dr. Garth Nicolson, the world's top expert in Pathogenic Mycoplasma infectious conditions.
There are not too many doctors trained in this field and
standard testing will not detect pathogenic mycoplamsmas and their co-infections.
He also happens to be a part-time medhelp contributing expert and is also the president and founder of the Institute Molecular Medicine in California,
if you wish to do a search.
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Yes, chest pain is another one of symptoms of Fibromyalgia. It's mostly in the pectoral area.

There are several trigger points tests doctors use to see if you have Fibromyalgia. Mine started inside my knees. Keep in mind that "Fibro" pain is bilateral which means that it occurs on both sides of the body.

I have all of the "trigger points" like, both sides of my neck, back of shoulders, thighs, inside of my knee and tenderness in my upper arms.

There aremany other symptoms which you may google under Fibromyalgia.

It is critical to find a good Rheumatologist who can recommend and work jointly with a Psychologist.

Typically, a physician will recommend cymbalta or lyrics or medication which contains gabapentin. All of which dulls the pain and has bad side effects which turn you into a mummy.

A good psychiatrist will treat you with an anti-depressant which will relieve your muscle aches and help you function better. Effexor is the one that had helped me. I started on the lowest dose then gradually increased it. I finally went to a higher dose of 150 mg time release which eliminated 90% of my pain, but raised my blood pressure. So I had to lower the dose.

Not to worry, there is help for you. I was in a deep dark hole. Finding the right doctors isn't easy. One last thought. See if your Rheumatologist can recommend Aquatic Warm Water Therapy.

Good luck.

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I am still having chest wall pain. It hurts when i move, touch it, press on it, go outside in the cold weather and i can just be sitting there and it will hurt. I notice that when i try to walk around it gets worse and i sometimes feel like i am having a heard time breathing but then again when i go to the doctor my heart rate and pulse are fine and so is my oxygen. Is there a way to make this go away and i am getting tired of having this as it is affecting my daily activites and limiting me to what i can do.
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