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just fibromyalgia?

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 7 years ago after a heart attack- which was caused by a spontaneous dissection of my left coronary artery. I never seemed to get well. I stayed tired, pain everywhere, sensitive to chemicals- especially in stores like Lowe's or Home Depot- got sick, dizzy and had to leave the store. I am also sensitive to sounds- loud sounds, sensitive to light- can't stand being hot or cold. I am still so tired, there are days I don't get out of my chair. I've been tested for everything under the sun- some came back "iffy"- like autoimmune diseases, low Vitamin D, slightly hypothyroid, slightly anemic, positive ANA- but non specific. I'm afraid I will have to quit working. My Rheumatologist told me to "find a teaching hospital" somewhere and get a second opinion because he didn't know what to do with me. He's not from Texas and doesn't know about any. I'm not from Texas either- just living here. Anyone know of a place in Texas- near Dallas, or Waco??? Help!!!
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i have no idea
however the fibromyalgia network may know
their number is 800 853-2929

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Thanks- that's a great idea
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Thank you so much for posting this number.  I had no idea that this existed.  

God Bless you.
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i too became diagnosed after emrgent gall bladder sgury 4 yrs ago/ since then i'm fighting to keep going and getting up every to go to work but it's becomung very hard at this point. we have the same light/smell sound sensitivities. I almost passed out @ work once because some opened a new marker to write on a display board. all test are also just borderline and iffy...i may have to leave my job. anyone know of the succes rate of fibros getting SSi.......
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There's a really good support good in DFW area......they have a wonderful site:
.....I believe they  have a section on all the do's and don'ts regarding applying for SSI, please read it carefully, so you will get it on your first try, as I did when I lived in TX.

You ability to prove the fact that you no longer able to make a customery, gainful living and your doctors also support your claim is super important.  They also sent me to a psychologist to test if my cognitive impairment (due to ME/CFS) was as bad as I said I was.

Hang in there and don't push yourself too hard until you totally collapse.

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