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lumps that form on the top of my feet

about 6 years ago i was a work one night and felt an excruciating pain in my foot and had no idea what it was.my foot became very swollen almost instantly and i noticed an egg shape lump on the top of the foot.since then i have been going to the doctor frequently and was even referred to a rheumatologist which i saw every month for almost two years.my symptoms baffled him,and within that period i developed what is called Reynauds disorder,which has become quite severe in the last couple of years.his answer was that i had Lupus but all my blood work showed otherwise.I still get those lumps on the top of my feet.the severity depends on the lump.if my foot is really swollen then the pain is tolerable and i can somewhat "limp" to walk or if there is not too much swelling and only the big lump then the pain is unbearable and i can not walk on the foot at all.the length of the "flare" as the doctor called it,varies.it can occur quite suddenly and last anywhere from a couple of days to over a week,go three months with out having any symptoms or have reoccurring symptoms every couple of weeks.it also makes my body feel sick in a way,i get a slight fever from it as well.none of the doctors i have seen till this day have been able to give me any answers,nevermind a solution.i've had a MRI done on one of the feet when i had a slight lump and all they said was that it looked like maybe a cyst that dissolves.if you or anyone else have any idea,any comments and/or answers would be highly appreciated.i dont know what else to do
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Hey there,

I have been diagnosed with Lupus and Fibro.

I just found ur post after doing a big Google search for top of foot pain. It sounds like you get wot I get too. My dr thinks it is my stretched tendons as I have become way more active in the last three months than I have been since I got diagnosed about 3 years ago. I had x-rays and they came up with nothing helpful.

But I also have these horrible painful lumps on the tops of my feet. It feels like all my foot bones (in both feet) are broken. Another way to describe it is that it feels like I have very severe bruising on the tops of my feet. (There is a very small bit of bruising on the lump on my right foot) but the pain and lump is on both feet.

The weird thing is that noone can tell how excruciating the pain is as I can't really limp - bc it's both of my feet, it looks like I am walking normally... until I stumble or something. The pain is sooooo so bad. Im seriously about to break emotionally from this pain. It also hurts whether I am  walking/moving my feet or doing nothing at all. When my feet are not moving, I still get bad pain - often it's sharp shooting pain in the same area. It's now been 4 continuous weeks of it with absolutely no let up. Never had it before that

Anyway, Im sure this hasn't helped you at all... I guess I just wanted you to know that ur not alone and thank you very much for writing this post as it's helped me realise Im not alone either.
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I have these same symptoms for the past month.  Same apparent bruising around the eggshape lump on my right foot on the bone below my big toe.  I keeps feeling like I broke a bone or something.  But sometimes it isn't so apparent.  I get the same shooting pains as I am just sitting at my desk.  Same sick feeling too.  Both my feet recently swell up, but the lump is only on my right foot.  Since cancer is in my family history I got concerned.  Reading your posts makes me feel less worried.  Thank you for sharing.  And yes, you aren't alone.  
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