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i just started lyrica yesterday...75mg...only taken it twice...could it ALREADY be helping my symptoms or is the "good feeling" just in my head?
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No that is how you should be feeling. Just be careful as it does cause weight gain. Follow a healthy diet and exercise and you will be fine. Also if may cause sleepness, so don't drive to much until you are comfortable with it.

Good Luck and God Bless

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thanks...i'm not seeing a HUGE improvement...but there is DEFINITELY a difference...and yes, i'm feeling pretty sleepy today...actually, i feel like i've taken a xanax (used to take half a xanax during panic attacks)...anyway, hope to see more improvement soon
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I found it took two weeks to make a difference on my sx but i noticed the side effects straight away like increased hunger,dizzyness and a feeling of being out of it.

I started on 75mg three times a day and now am on 450mg a day now.

I have put on weight two stone in 8 mths but i am at the highr does and i did not keep a good diet which i have since changed.

It can make you sleepy too so be carefull if your driving.

I still get alot of pain but it has helped with my pins and needles and nerve pain.

Good Luck

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Hi There! I could tell a significant difference after 4 days! Yes- u better believe the eating/weight gain thing!! I have gained 15lbs in the past 2 months, scince I started my lyrica! I have gotta get a grip on the way I am eating! So...BEWARE,lol!   Best WISHES, Brandy
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Hi Kellic!  Lyrica is truly the best medicine for FM.  It gave me back my life for 9 fun months!!!!  I felt so good during this time - it was like the "old" me was back, before I ever had fibromyalgia.  I was so full of energy and life, but then I plateau-ed at 600mg (started out at 75mg) which is the max dose and now I'm back to being in a constant flare up and I'm on disability.  I'm currently on 13 meds and my only wish is that they come out with another medicine that makes me feel as good as Lyrica did but this time, it needs to last forever!!  8-)

And YES, watch out for the weight gain!  I did gain 20+ pounds on it!

Good luck Kellic!!!

Wendy 8-)
Winchester, VA
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