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numbness and tingling

I have numbness that starts in my head region and radiates down my back and in to my leg.  Much like having a stroke.  I have had an MRI and no signs of stroke.  I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and wondering if this could be a symptom.  Have asked doctors, but getting no where.  I have a stent in my heart and this pain and tingling seem to make my chest hurt also.  I am very nervous and anxious about what is going on with me.
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Hi, I have this same numbness and I also have a vibrating buzzing feeling that goes all the way down my body.  Doctor keeps saying this "can" happen with Fibro, but I'm not convinced there's not something else going one.  MRI and other neuro tests are all normal.  

Question:  Does your numbness restrict your movement?  I have problems walking and using my hands at times - doctor doesn't seemed concerned and thinks it's caused by the fibromyalgia.  I haven't heard of this with fibro.

Hope you're doing ok.  Good Luck.
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