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numbness in legs and feet, and hands and arms

Is it just me or does anyone else have numbnesin arms, legs, feet and hands, doctor has me on elavil, but its not helping at all can some one give advise as to what I should do?
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Hi amanda6985.

Elavil is a  a tricyclic antidepressant for major depressive disorder the ONLY FDA approved indication,
but used also for fibromyalgia under the TGA-label.
(The Therapeutic Goods Administration -TGA- is a division of the Australian Department of Health).

You need to find out why you're not improving your iron status, through your supplementation, as this perpetuates your anemia indefinitely plus
you will likely already have unresolved low thyroid function, depression symptoms, fatigue, possibly dysregulated cortisol levels with it's own set of symptoms and possibly leading to adrenal fatigue, if not already set!
I suspect other deficiencies as well.
Have you been tested for stomach acid levels? Candida? B12? Vitamin D?
Can you get a complete nutritional panel done for deficiencies?

When did you seizures start and do you have any diagnosis, regarding your seizures? ER is right. You should get an appointment with a specialist for
proper assessment, treatment and aftercare, if this is not done already.
Look up ketogenic diet for this. I suggest you Cut out  carbs and also look into coconut oil to replace PUFA oils AND as a medicinal supplement.
If you consume any sodas, even diet, any junk foods, anything with chemicals and artificial ingredients, please consider them as offensive to your brain health and your overall health!

OMG, do doctors not care anymore at all? They give a srcipt for a  tricyclic antidepressant and off you go!  This is plain rubbish!

I think I tried to address all of your posts in this one reply, but as you see, there might be a lot of discrepancies, so please answer as much as you can
and if you can put things in a chronological order in one post, that would be great.

Tests, results (with lab ranges) medications, diagnosis, dietary habits, fitness levels, activities, prior conditions, surgeries, traumas, family life, relationships and anything else that you may think is important to include.
Please take your time to do this, don't feel rushed on my behalf.

Take care.
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I recently joined thought i was alone in my troubles and going crazy. I have  it around my elbows and ankles and cant sleep.
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I do have graves disease, had my b12 checked, doctor is not worried about it, but in the past it has been low, as far as the stomach acid levels, candid, and vitamin d, idk if they checked them or not. I do know that my platelet court always comes back flagged for being low for the past 23 years, and with the aniema the doctor does not even want me taking advil or ibuprofen for pain cause it could drop my blood count, as far as my seizures, I believe I started having them at the age of 17, but not diagnosed until 27 at which point the doctor( my old one) told me I had a seizure disorder, and now as of may 30, 2014 (my new doctor) says its epilepsy with reoccurent seizures, I do see a neurologist, but am going to be switching, cause he looks at me as a pay check and not as a person. As far as diet its pretty much the same foods cooked the excate same way all the time due to having allergies and two autistic kids. We mostly grill or baked our food with fresh herbs for flavoring, there is no caffinee allowed in my home once so ever, I bake all cookies and cakes and brownies from scratch so I can control what my family eats. Fitness outside of chasing after kids and walking my service dog that is pretty much it cause I'm just in too much pain to do anything else.other conditions are asthma, the graves disease, chronic daily migraines, insomnia, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, and aniemia, and there is one more I'm not sure what the doctor calls it but it has to do with extreme bleeding. I think I covered it all if you have any more questions please pm me its easier. Thank you for responding
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Please don't feel alone in this.
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Hi Amanda.

Well well. I'm not sure how you can manage your daily life affairs with all the
conditions you have.

BTW Menorrhagia  is the medical term for heavy menstrual bleeding, if that's what you meant by extreme bleeding, which could be one of the causes of your anemia,
if this is the case, it's because of the excessive blood loss.

Look into high estrogen, low progesterone (estrogen dominance) as a possible cause of Menorrhagia, which once confirmed, is easily corrected in most cases, by applying a natural progesterone cream.

I can see that not much has been resolved in the hands of your doctors so far, as a matter of fact your health has deteriorated even further.

Here are some general suggestions:

1.Educate yourself as much as possible in health matters that have to do with your conditions! I know it's a tall order under your existing circumstances, but it is a huge component of your successful treatment.
If not able to, it would be wise to assign someone close to you (close friend, spouse, parent, sibling) who is able and willing to help you with this!

2. Take full responsibly for your own health matters. Relying on your doctors and giving them the responsibility of taking care your health matters properly, is obviously  not going to serve you well.

3. Consult with a knowledgeable Natural Health Practitioner, who can guide you back to better health by addressing underlying causes and rebalancing your immune system, instead of treating the symptoms with meds.

You are only 30, with a young family and I honestly think you can do a lot better, but not on the"medical" path you're on presently.
You show me that you have the willingness to do the "right" things for you and your family and this is a good start.

I'll send you a pm with some more specific information.

Blessings to you and your family.


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