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pain with fibromyalgia

The pain is so terrible, i am on tramadol for the fibro but i dont take it it makes me nauseous .
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I have horrible pain too.  I don't take anything either.  I've learned to block it out.  Sorry I have no answers to help you.
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The pain is just something you have to learn to deal with. My pain tolerance has definitely changed since the diagnosis. The meds don't take the pain away but they do take the edge off.
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Remember, fibro is believed to ba a disorder of pain "perception". Every day aches and pains are perceived differnetly by fibro patients. Many times combining tramadol with a serotonin uptake inhibitor provides more releif.
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what is a serotonin uptake inhibitor?
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I can just about cope with the pain of Fibro. It's a case of having to as I'm a carer to both my husband and daughter, who are both disabled, but it's the exhaustion I find so difficult to cope with.  I have no time for this illness. Until 2 years ago I had never been ill and was very athletic, suddenly (Almost literally over night) my body just stopped. Sleepless nights are followed by painful days. The worst of it all though is that no-one knows. Only my husband knows how bad my life can be. I'm a generally happy and positive person who doesn't like to fuss, or give in to "being ill". I've stopped going out, find it impossible to socialise and even housework is done in shifts. I do one thing and feel like I've run a marathon. On a good day I can go to the local shops but on my return I am shattered.
I went to a pain management clinic but because I was always so upbeat kind of played down how hard life is.
I've just moved home and don't feel I can talk to my new doctor as I don't even know them. I don't know what to do.
I'm 45 and feel 90!
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It sounds like you are suffering a lot and don't know where to turn. Not everyone knows how deal with sickness and you don't want to scare off your friends, family and even the doctor by letting them know how incapacitated you are. Hopefully your new doctor will turn out to be more understanding. Maybe you should figure out the most important tasks and then tell yourself "I am going to .... if it's the last thing I do!". You really need a doctor that you can trust. Welcome to Medhelp, try to hang in there. God bless,  Denise
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Thanks Denise. Just finding this place has made me cry. It was such a relief to be able to type that last paragraph.
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Glad to hear that..hopefully you can keep us updated on your treatments. You deserve to feel better! Blessings,  Denise
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I'm on Amitriptyline but it does no good what-so-ever. All it does is make me even more tired all day.  Pain management clinic did no good either. I just feel as though this is something I have to live with, almost like a dirty little secret.
The pain in my face and jaw is so hard to describe and I don't know where to begin about telling the doctor. Her attitiude, when I told her of my back pain was "So what't the matter with your back then?!" I shrunk into the chair and didn't dare tell her the rest of my symptoms. Hubby keeps telling me to go back but I feel as though I'm walking into the Principle's office everytime I go. The anxiety of visiting the doctor makes my mood and pain worse, so I don't go. It's a vicious circle.
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You need to be honest with your doctor and you need a proper diagnosis.  Try writing down all that is happening to you.  Fibromyalgia has so many symptoms so it is common to have a long list.  Ask them to test your tender points to determine if you have it.  You need something better than Amitriptyline.  I take Remeron for depression (and believe me, it gets so much easier to manage this when your depression is under control) and Lyrica.  Lyrica has changed my life.  Yes, there are side effects but they lessen with time.  I now sleep through the night and can manage my job.  The house is another story but I have to treat it as my last priority.  Try taking a look at www.butyoudontlooksick.com.  It has some wonderful coping ideas, humour, and be sure to read the spoon theory.
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Luckily depression isn't something I have had to cope with. I have down days, and general frustration at not being "me" any more but overall I'm really positive. I have a great family and a large circle of friends, mainly through the fan club I run, but also some from school. I do get annoyed with myself at not being able to get up and vacuum the house, but figure it can be done tomorrow. It's kind of had to be my philosophy on most things since this condition has taken over my life.
My previous doctor agreed I had Fibro, she was great, but unfortunately the move to a new address meant I had to get a new doctor as I'm am now out of the catchment area for the old practice. She isn't a very sympathetic woman to say the least. My husband, who is disabled, finds it difficult to approach her and he's been dealing with doctors for over 20 years.
I work full time, 50 hours a week (I work from home) as well as being a full time carer to my husband and severely disabled adult daughter. I kept a pain diary to show to my old doctor. Seeing it all written down really hit home how bad I was. I think there's a part of any sufferer who just forgets what it was like to be "normal" and you just begin to accept that another pain is just the way it is. I will go back to my doctor. This forum has at least given me the courage to realise that I'm not just making a fuss and genuinely have a reason to seek help.
Thank you all so much.
Jo xx
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I take morphine, anti-inflammatories and Neurontin (generic does not help at all) for my pain (a combination of FM, restless leg, osteoarthritis, migraines and urethral "discomfort"). My strategy is to treat each separate disorder and not assume all pain is FM. (I've gotten myself into a lot of trouble over the years thinking something was FM when it was really something else).

Heat helps a lot. I listen to a lot of loud high energy rock to help me focus on work and keep my mind off pain at night. If the pain from one thing gets out of control, it pushes my FM pain upward too.
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I have terrible pain too.  Sometimes it is all over.  Sometimes it's just in my neck, back, hips and legs.  I tried Cymbalta, but it just made me have nausea.  Ibuprofin can sometimes take some of the edge off, but the pain never goes away.  The only thing that consistently helps is heat with heating pads and rest.
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Hi, Please read my latest post about Ribose. I just started Tramadol two weeks ago and do not have any side effects, sorry that you do.   Blessings
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