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question about CFS

I went to my family dr. last week and told him how tired i was, he said I should not be tired with fibro.He is sending me for blood work. Is there any test for CFS?
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Aaaaaaah...what a perception your doc. has about fibro.  I would find a new doc if I were in your shoes.
There're many, many overlapping symptoms that fibro and me/cfs shares.
I don't believe there's one definate blood test for me/cfs....what specific tests are good indicators of your having me/cfs escaped me for the moment.  Will try and gathere them and get back to you if no one else will come up with an answer.

Hang in there.
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I agree with kitonthemoon. If you get frustrated with your physician, consider googling, "Co Cure's Good Doctor List" and find a physician in your area who frequently diagnoses and treats both fibro and CFS.

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