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radiating right shoulder blade arm pain

Pain from R) shoulder blade up throgh R0 side neck.shoulder radiaates down arm dedltoid muscle, elbow, muscles ,wrist, and thumb. Previous busrsitis in R) shoulder. Worse Nocte. 'twinging/shooting pain', ache in day. Query occupational related pushhing heavy medication trolleys and punching ougt medications from webster.  could it be neurological referred pain?
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The pain you're describing could be from issues in your neck (a bulging disc for example), or you could be suffering from impingement syndrome in your shoulder or issues with your rotator cuff. You may want to have a doctor explore each area. I have both issues and have had surgery in my shoulder because I ended up having a bone spur in my shoulder, which caused the impingement syndrome. That can cause referred pain most certainly in the areas you mentioned.

Not everyone ends up needing surgery for the shoulder issue. It's not always caused by a shoulder spur, sometimes it's just overuse and can easily be remedied by rest, ice and some NSAIDS, Talk to your doctor and see what he/she recommends. Good luck.
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Yeah, I'm guessing it's referred pain.  The muscles you're talking about are rather large.  
Are you asking if heavy use of medication might cause this?  It's possible.  It is a dilemma familiar to those of us in the CFS/FMS club.  Many need the heavier doses just to get through the day, so they have to deal with pain medication battles.  I know that the medications are needed to deal with the pain, but the medications aren't without side effects.  It's a lousy deal for the folks who are in the pain medication battle.

I have similar issues in the same area.  I find it very helpful to see my chiropractor, and at least that is covered by my insurance.  I sure wish massage was.  That would help you out a great deal, too.  Adjusting the spine will help if there is pinched nerves causing the neuological pain.  Even if you still need to use your pain meds.  I myself can't take the typical pain meds many with FMS use, so this method of pain control, by seeing the chiropractor is a huge help.  I am sure it would help you, too.  I am sure it would help most of the people here on this forum.  I do believe it is helpful enough that many would be able to at least reduce the amount of pain meds they use after a while of regular chiropractic visits.

Everyone who can afford to get a massage at least once a week--go for it.  I can't or I definitely would.  It's not a luxury with FMS at all.  
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Shoulder and neck pain were my first symptoms of fibromyalgia and plagued me for 15 years before a diagnosis.  I was even diagnosed as having tendonosis.  Amazingly, when I started Lyrica it went away.  I'm now tapering off the Lyrica and it is back.  I hope you can fnd relief.  I do find that therapeutic massage therapy helps a lot.
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I too experience neck pain and spasms on right and left side if I over exert my right side. I will also have numbness, tingling and shooting pain down right arm into hand especially thumb. I have pain down my spine and allover my shoulder and shoulder blade. I have fibromyalgia and had an MRI done was told that I have bone spurs on the c6 and c7 vertebrae. I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon yesterday and he said that he saw no signs of bone spurs(which led me to question how effective our medical system really is but that is an entirely different conversation) he did say I have intermittent pressure on the spinal cord but that it is non operable at this time. So I guess it is possible for fibromyalgia to mimic other conditions and diseases as I fit all the symptoms of pressure on the brachial plexus, which is the nerve group in the shoulder/neck. Which he did say was strange it was presenting like that. Not very happy at this point because anytime I have any pain they say oh it's just the fibromyalgia and look at me like I'm some hypochondriac. (I am not, as I had these symptoms 9 months before I read anything on bone spurs in the neck. Is anyone else as frustrated with what I call "umbrella" disorders?  
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