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savella side effects

What did the savella side effects do to some people i hear they are horrible? cause i take cymbalta 60 mg
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I took Savella for two weeks and had to quit taking it.  I felt like I was going to die!  My pain got worse (and I thought it was already bad), the top of my head felt like it was going to explode, I broke out in awful sweats, felt spacey and like I was going to pass out, and the WORSE side effect was the nausea.  I took it without food and threw up, so I started taking it with food and still threw up.  I then decided to take it and lie down for a while.  When I did that I got nauseous, but also had terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea.  I really was counting on this medicine because I've tried everything else.  However, it wasn't the one for me.  I'm sure it works well for others.  I'm now back on Cymbalta and pain pills.  
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  I had almost all of the side effects hit me at once. Horrible sweats, heart palpatations, constipation, had terrible fibrofog, very sick at my stomach, and I was so upset. My pain level had dropped from 10+ to between 3-4. Now my pain level is back to 10+.

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Hi, I feel your pain, really do.  I'm at least ten years out from being diagnosed with fibromyalgia (fibro).  Done a lot of research over the years, lots of tests, a guinea pig for every new drug coming out, and the usual off label or just stuff that could help with the pain.  Most meds really didn't help that much.  I think each fibro/cfs patient is a little bit different, but most share alot of the same symptoms to varying degrees.  Heard about Savella, checked out the medical literature on it, and man, knew I did not want to go there.  For me, the symptoms lists sounded alot like what Cymbalta did to me.  Some do well on Cymbalta; some don't.  It (Cymbalta) was a nightmare for me, and yes, I also believe it brought on a real uptick in just about uncontrollable anger (even tho I was really sick with fibro and a really bad, long acute Epstein Barr experience and other personal events).  For those who pretty much know the routine of fibro/cfs (and I'd throw in CFIDS, too), if you're at least not ready to jump out the window yet, or if you are in that so sick and tired of being sick and tired routine, well, I'd wait a while maybe before trying Savella unless nothing else has worked yet; just monitor yourself, and if it seems to make symptoms worse, get thee to the doc and get off the stuff.  Probably if you had a bad experience on Cymbalta.  For those new to this syndrome (hmmph, "syndrome" my fanny), I hope you have it, fibro, et al, for a short time, because most literature out there indicates you just may in luck and not suffer with it for years or decades.  There is still a lot to learn and understand about this syndrome in the medical community from all that I've read, and a lot of questions from sufferers as they begin their journey.  After starting off with first generation meds years ago, at present, I have found some better relief on Lyrica.  And the dosage has to be determined for each individual patient.  Some need more, some need less.  I was used by this point to pay close attention to my symptoms, and the standard starting dose of Lyrica for me was almost as bad a Cymbalta was for me.  With my doc's help, I'm at a good dosage level of Lyrica, can manage and deal with my fibro better, together with other meds needed to work in synergy to keep me as steady as possible in between bouts of flare ups.  Yep, the fog's bad I think with the wrong meds, or with too high a dose of a particular med.  Lots of things I've learned along the way to help cope.  I'd be glad to share; this is not an easy illness for most, but it's too long and varied to get into here.  Anyone's welcome to write me with questions if it helps.  And sometimes, being in the aloneness and helplessness of this illness is cause enough to reach out.  My doc, she's great, does alot of work in this area; we continue to collaborate.  She also recently told me the most recent hypothesis for this illness, the how and the why of what it does, has helped me to have a better feeling mentally and emotionally of what I'm dealing with and why, and the hypothesis in the medical/research community seems to be gaining more traction.  I'll be interested to see what the physician contributing to this forum has to offer.  I am thankful for anything and anyone who treats this or has this has to say.  Wish all the best to all.  dj  P.S.:  I am still not convinced of the true degree of separation between fibro, cfs and cfids in some instances.
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Attention anyone taking Cymbalta...PLEASE read about the side effects and the horrible withdrawl symptoms.  It turned me into a zoombie then it took over a year to withdraw from. It is worse than anything I have ever experienced in my whole life. I am not going to be a guinea pig for any more of these new drugs, I'll just stick with vicodin.
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Hi!  I know what you mean--Cymbalta was a nightmare, and yes, it took about a year to get it out of my system.  I'm sorry you're having to rely on vicodin only.  If you're interested, post back.  My doc was finally, after all these years working with me and many other patients with fibro, to explain what's really going on.  She put me on Lyrica.  She started me at the usual start dosage, but it was too high; I know myself well enough by now to know the symptoms of a bad drug or dosage.  She backed me down to a lower dosage, and it has worked really well, better than any of the pain meds, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, the works, with the exception of Savella.  I don't even want to go there.  Symptoms sound way too much like Cymbalta.  The hypotesis that is gaining traction in the medical/research community she was able to share with me recently made a lot of sense of the how and why of this syndrome and CFS.  I'd be happy to share if you care to post back.  Check out Cymbalta.  It couldn't hurt, but I fully understand your hesitation in being used as a guinea pig! dj
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Sorry igarfy and anyone who read my last post.  When I said try out Cymbalta, I am obviously in a bit of brain fog.  What I meant to way was "try out Lyrica."  My apologies to all. dj
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hi all, I am was taking cymbalta, lyrica, trazadone, tramadol, and methocarbomol.  I was just recently changed to savella and the cymbalta was let go.  I seem to be doing okay but I do have a lot of body aches and this feeling in my body that feels like my nerves are spazzing.  I don't know what that is all about.  I do know that I am sick and tired of being sick and I just can't get that out of my mind.  My life is limited as I know that you all are aware of.  It's driving me crazy.  Please Pray for me, I did just receive a letter from SSDI stating that I have a court date in November which sounds like a little hope.  Who knows there are so many stipulations that they follow to decide whether you are disabled or not.  It hints on what's going to happen..
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Hi, i understand how everyone feels about the pain that fibromyalgia brings. NO ONE knows how it feels to have intense pain day and night; (but only us, that are experiencing it). I had taking different types of Rx. with no relief.  But when Savella came to the market, back in March/April 2009, I 've pray for this drug to work for me, I started with a low dose  (packet) which every few days the dosage will increase. Before I finished the (packet) I noticed a big improvement in my pain level. When i finished the Savella (packet) i was on 100mg. per day. My PCP gave me a Rx. for 100mg. twice a day. I was really happy that I had found out something that worked for me. It had decreased my pain level to about 40%. I called it the Miracle Pill.  Well coming to find out now, that after taking it for about 3 months or so; now is not helping me at all; I'm back in a lot of pain again+ more. I feel so deppresed  with no hope again of getting some relief.  Please help!  Does anyone taking Savella, experiencing something like this?
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I too have tried many variations of 'medication' help- partly due to my constant migraines I have.  I noticed a few years ago that when I'd have a migraine, my body would always hurt; like a truck had run me over- I felt 60 years older than I actually was (and being 27, that brought me down a lot).  After many tests for my migraines, they couldn't figure out why I'd constantly have them and they decided it might be Fibro with the other symptoms I had.  So I've been dealing with this roller coaster since about 2005 and I keep hoping that someday the right solution will come along.

I tried Cymbalta for the Fibro first- that was HORRID.  I was instructed to take it at night, and literally 6 hours later (always at 2:00am) I was throwing up like the exorcist... it was just awful.  Come to find out my nuero didn't do his research and I was getting what they called 'Seratonin Syndrom'; that is when you mix Cymbalta with Migraine triptans.  I could've died (literally) from the combination and I haven't gone back to that doctor since- nor have I continued taking that medication.

The next medication I tried through my family practitioner was Lyrica and this one wasn't much better.  As most of you who have or are taking this medication know, one side effect is weight gain.  Well that was an understatement for me- I ended up gaining 10 pounds in just one month.  I was always hungry and never felt satisfied after I'd eat.  To add insult to injury, I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and one of the side effects to this (syndrome) of this is the inability to lose weight easily- so as you can imagine, I was yanked off that medication real quick.

I just barely started Savella last Wednesday and so far, I'm feeling the same.  I'm currently on 25mg in the AM and 25mg at night.  Tomorrow I bump up to the last Titration transition, 50mg in AM and 50mg in PM.  I haven't noticed a decrease in pain yet, but at least I'm not hungry or throwing up.  I also haven't seen any of the side effects happen that are listed as things to watch for with Savella.  Perhaps I'll see something happen when I move up to the final mg. in the pack- but things are good so far.  I realize that everyone is different and our bodies handle medication quite differently than others, but I'd recommend everyone to give this medicine a shot- what else have you got to lose?  If it works, living an (almost) pain free life would be worth it.  I know it is for me!

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I am with all you guys. Been on  lyrica 450 mg  a day along with 100mg of sevella per day doing ok on the sevella so far. Do have alot of the brain fog and MASSIVE hot flashes!! Pain has went down about 25% so far. When have flare up still have to take vicodin. It's like numerous people have said it works differant for each person. Also forgot 1 other down side.  I have NO sexual desire at all ( but good for me, I am alone )
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I am taking Savella 50 mg twice a day.  I haven't been bothered by any side effects.

Parathesias are much better.

Hope it helps,
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i too have tried everything and i was really hoping savella was my answer. i started on the 2week pack, gradually increasing dose to 50mg 2x a day. i never made it to the second week. i put up with the nausea, dizziness, pain, depression, but by the 9th day i ended up in the hospital. i had hives over 80% of my body. it was terrible. all these meds seem to have the same rotten side effects. im now on zoloft to take edge off, and oxy 30mg 2x/day to manage pain and percocet for breakthru pain. unfortunately, i think this is my life and i am trying to accept that the pain will be a part of my life; i may never work again or play with my kids, but this must be my cross to bear.
hang in there(easier said than done)
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i am a 42 year old women i've been living with firbo for 21 years u name it i"ve tried it and done it i just started taking savella 7 days ago .been haveing a ruff time but going to stick it out for 2 weeks . lost my job 8 years ago due to back surgey and firbo. to the person trying to get there ssd dont give up it took me 26 months but l won if you'er doc will write u a letter it will help a whole lot my doc is a life saver. my firbo started in my neck and shoulders and now all over .
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I have been on Effexor and Cymbalta and they didn't help the pain.  I have been on Savella for 3 weeks now and it's wonderful.  I'm up to 100 mg/day.  My fibrofog is much better, pain is 90% better, lots more energy, losing weight the weight that I gained on the other meds, sleeping very well.  The only issues are constipation and some irratability.  I hope that will pass as my body continues to adjust. I was on 30 mg Cymbalta for about 2 years.  There seemed to be different opinions about how to switch.  I finally stayed on the 30 mg Cymbalta during the first full week of the Starter pack and then dropped the Cymbalta when my Savella dosage increased.  Had a couple of weepy days, but smooth transition after that.  I am 63 years old and wish I had had Savella years ago.  
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I too have fibromyalgia and was diagnosed in 1994. Recently tried Savella. I thought my head would explode. The top of my head felt like it was in a vice grip. I was dizzy, nauseous, chest and shoulder pain, arms and legs  tingled horribly. My pulse and Blood pressure went up (mine is always very low normally.). I had black areas in my vision that would stay for 10 mnutes or so. the top of my head itched like crazy. My heart pounded. I never even finished the trial package. It had been 6 days since I took the last dose and I still feel bad. How long does it take to excrete from the system?
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When I started Savella I was coming off Lexapro so either one could have caused the side effects of dizziness, and getting "spots" in front of my eyes.  Also it felt like my food sat in my stomach forever!  I was nausous nearly all day while taking it for about the first month.  I tried eating a piece of toast first but it was really hard to eat anything till almost the end of the day.  It was really hard.  I never ended up being able to take the full dose.  I am taking 25 mg 2x a day.  The nausea finally was gone and Savella helps with several of my symptoms like the numbness and tingling and facial nerve pains.  However, I have to take other medicines for my other symptoms.

I thought it was not helping my pain until I tapered down and went off of it for four days and the pain came back big time.  So I went back on it.  Oh by the way, it also caused heart palpitations but my doctor said it was ok unless I was having chest pains to go to the ER. HTH
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I have tried Lyrica and the side effects were so near the symptoms of Fibro, I did not realize it was the Lyrica causing them until I came off of it and actually got better, pain wise.  I cannot take anything that even hints at mood, such as suicidal thoughts ect...so I have not tried the new one even though my dr keeps pushing it at me.  I have some amount of quality of life with what I am on right now and I don't want to mess with it.  I finally convinced my doctor that the pain in my hip was NOT Fibro, and now he wants me to have a hip replacement.  I worry that I will not be able to do the rehab because of the pain, weakness and numbness in my arms and shoulders.  I really don't know what to do.  The groin shots are extremely painful but do help the symptoms some.  I will NEVER try another "miracle drug" for the Fibro.  
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I have been taking Savella for three months.  The drug is incredible in relieving fibromyalgia pain.  However, the side effects are horrible.  Horrible sweats and hot flashes, constipation, insomnia, nausea, and during the past week I have passed out four times.  I have decreased my dosage from 100 mg. to 12.5 mg. per day.  I have decided that this drug is dangerous.  Just read the hundreds of reviews.  Savella reacts with different people in different ways.  There are not many who give this drug a good review.  I have decided to quit taking this drug before I pass out driving and kill myself or someone else.  JC
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Well i was going to go this Thursday and ask to be put on Savella, but looks like it might not be the thing to do...I am so sick of being sick..I am so tired of hurting........
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I too have fibromyalgia, but dont go to savella, I have been on it for 5 and 1/2 weeks and it has nearly killed me.  at first I thought ok this is good, the pain is down, but I had terrible mood swings, crying all the time, that past with the first two weeks. then for the last two weeks my stomach has really hurt, nauseated, irritable, and then the last few days, I have felt weak, sweating profusely, feeling really bad all over.  then over this weekend I started having severe headaches, my blood pressure went sky high, 180/120 and my heart was racing and pounding so fast I couldnt count my pulse, I didnt know if I was going to have a stroke or heart attack first.  this drug has hurt me worse than helped me.  I am going back to see my doctor Monday, that is if  I dont stroke or have a heart attack first.  I have stopped it and will never recommend it to anyone else.  I am a Registered Nurse and people its not a safe drug. Think hard before trying it.  I am going to go back on my cymbalta and pain meds.  I just got my disability started, so there is a small hope there.  but I am like you all, very sick and tired of hurting.  I too suffer from a severe back injury that ended my nursing career.  So i have a double whammy with the pain thing.  but I had rather try to relieve the pain than put up with this very dangerous side effects of Savella.  
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I switched from cymbalta to Pristiq and I am having much better results with it. Savella was a nightmare for me!
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I just finished day 8 of the savella titration pack, and I have had no adverse reactions. I do feel a slight increase in energy, hope that continues  :)  I am also taking lyrica. I was on cymbalta, also without any reactions, but it stopped helping, when I became overwhelmed with my Dad's health, family issues, and my own anger, and frustration with fm/cfs. I'm keeping my fingers crossed,  that savella will continue to help with my pain,and keep increasing my energy
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On savella for 2 and half wks., had constipation which at first seemed to help with my IBS.  Then just got horrible cramps and diarrhea today.  was on my way to good friends 60th birthday party, had to turn back and just made it home in agony, and now totally drained and have to miss the party.
my doc prescribed it I thought for energy, Ive got CFS.  This was a terrible experience today, any benefits were slight or mixed. Will most likely discontinue Savella.  Little pissed that my doc didnt say any side effects when I asked her.
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I have been taking Savella for about 5 weeks and have found a dosage that actually works for me with the least amount of side effects.

I also take Pristiq with the Savella....so maybe that's why I'm feeling better?  
I take 25mg of Savella in the morning and then another 25 mg in the afternoon. (NOT AFTER 3PM, if I want to sleep.)

The sweats and hot flashes are horrible, just as others have mentioned, but the energy and lessening of pain is worth it, I think?   The brain fog is also improving.   For me personally, I didn't have any mental or physical energy to do anything...at all. A weekly trip to the grocery store was more than I could handle and then I spent the rest of the day trying to recover from the fatigue and total exhaustion.  

When I tried to take the 50 mg 2x a day, I suffered with SEVERE heart palpitations and the hot flashes and dizzy feelings were just too much to deal with, so I cut the dose back down.

I really hope this drug continues to work for me?  I've suffered with undiagnosed and misdiagnosed Fibro Pain and Chronic fatigue for almost 10 years.  Not to mention the varying other health related conditions that have cropped up over the past 10 years from living with so much pain... I'm desperate for some long term relief.

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