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savella side effects

What did the savella side effects do to some people i hear they are horrible? cause i take cymbalta 60 mg
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it is amazing to see how different we all react to the same various medications.  i have taken more anti-depressants over the years than i can even count--originally it was anxiety and depression.  i had a horrible time with the side effects and it took me forever to find something i could tolerate--it was an old tricyclic--that was about 22 1/2 years ago.  i have had varying degrees of success and failures over the years.  the fibro started with headaches and a stiff neck about 12 years ago--actually i think i probably had some symptoms of it off and on for years.  12 yearw ago i used to be able to take a darvocet and an excedrine in the morning and i was good to go for the rest of the day.  gradually, over time, the leg aches set in and the darvocet had to be increased.  

i had a hysterectomy about 6 years ago and went into such a bad flare about 3 weeks after surgery that i had to be put on norco and have never been able to get off of it since.

cymbalta did nothing for me, neurontin made me just about pass out--but the doc said it was close to lyrica but alot cheaper.   i have tried savella about 3 different times and i really feel like it helped me without giving me anything in the way of side effects that i could tell--of course, i was already on antidepressants.  i was able to reduce the amount of norco and soma i take when i took the savella---i figure anything that can help me reduce the narcotics is good.  i could not afford it, so i did not stay on it.  i have insurance now, so i might consider trying it again--but, i have been off of antidepressants for awhile and i am a little afraid of getting side effects because my system would not be used to it.

one of the old tricyclics helped quite a bit once--but only for awhile.

i just have been through a very hectic and stressful holiday season---our identical twin girls got married a month apart from each other, one the saturday before thanksgiving, the other the week before christmas, and we had a double reception a week before the second wedding--then my husband had surgery 5 days before christmas.  amazingly enough,  i had a better than usual month and was able to take less of my pain killers---for no apparent reason---and i was under a tremendous amount of stress.   i did kind of start to crash after the double reception---during the week before the second wedding.   i'm so greatful i was able to get through it all doing better than normal----then i became exhausted and crashed and my pain kicked in BIG time for a number of days---seems to have leveled back out.
i am allowed 5 norco and 4 soma a day.  i try to take 1/2 of each with 1/2 of a caffiene pill if i can---seems to make the meds work better.  i am also dealing with osteoarthritis.

i'm wondering where someone read that this is supposed to go away---everything i read is very discouraging---sounds like they really don't know how to treat it and that a remission is pretty unlikely and that we should be glad for the times when it seems better, and that they usually don't last for long.
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You do sound like a very caring husband that may be on your way with time after dealing with your wife's behavior.  It sounds like she may need an anti-depressant since depression can in fact cause the kinds of behavioral changes that you have noticed in her.  Some of them, like Effexor, are now available in generic--cheaper.  Your wife has reason to be upset, but to the point that you describe, it really sounds like she needs help--medication or counseling or both.  Wish you the best.
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I'm glad that you found Savella helpful.  I read a lot of the reviews on it and a number of people said that their fibromyalgia went away completely!!   And many others said it was the worst drug ever.  I tried it in vain for 6 weeks at too low a dose and had horrible nausea that would not go away.  In the meantime, I had reduced my Trazodone to 75mg from 150 mg. which treated my fibromyalgia fairly well.  I reduced the Trazadone to stop a sugar addiction which was consuming over half of my calories/day.  Then the terrible fibromyalgia symptoms started.  What really got my attention, was that suddenly I was getting an itchy bright red rashes under my 2 patches--one for estrogen and another one for my migraines.  That did it.  I went back on and the red rashes went away.

Because the Savella didn't work, I now changed to Pristiq, which has the side effect of taking away my appetite, including for sweets!!!  So everything has so far worked out well.

Congrats on your two weddings and doing so well.

Hi IvFrogs,
Why did you have to go off of Savella?  Same reason as mine--nausea?

To you both,
I have had bad side effects from Lyrica, Neurontin or Gapapentin.  Savella, by the way, has all the same ingredients as an anti-depressant.  It was suggested to me by my Headache Specialist MD who said that I needed to be on a far higher dose of an anti-depressant to treat my 24/7 migraines.  I refused to go any higher on Effexor due to the killing of any sex drive.  So any anti-depressant may also help with fibromyalgia--what a terrible disease.
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For what it's worth, the only fibromyalgia medicine I've had any luck with is Gabapentin (Neurontin) but like sara12345 said, it does have it's side effects. I think it's made me dumber - seriously, I have an MBA but this medicine (more so than any narcotic or any other meds I've tried and I've tried a lot) makes the fog multiply exponentially (it just took a few minutes to remember that word). I guess I like it because it's the only one that doesn't make me hardcore nauseated. Savella is the worst for my stomach it seems. Also Topamax and a few others I can't remember because there's been so many and I'm all foggy - they all made me sick to my stomach. I've never tried Cymbalta or Lyrica however. Even though I moved and had different doctors and insurance plans I've never had an insurance plan that covered Lyrica - but I hear it's similar to Gabapentin so I guess it's okay. Reading these posts makes me scared to take Cymbalta. What other anti-depressants are useful for you guys? I used to take Zoloft but it made me have really bizarre out-of-place suicidal thoughts (like: "oh I'm having so much fun at Disney World! I should jump off Space Mountain" - made NO sense) and it took forever to get off it so I'm a bit scared to get on yet another dependence causing medicine. I also use the fentanyl patch (25 mcg/hr - I had been up to 50 but I cut the dose in half in the hopes of weening myself off - so far I think it was stupid as I've still not recovered and it was 8 months ago but whatever) and vicodin 10mg for break through pain (which I don't take more than once a day at most). I had been put on the patch a year before I was diagnosed with fibro because I have Medullary Sponge Kidney - so I'm not sure if the patch is something used for fibro patients all that often. All I can say is it's awesome because before it I would wake up feeling awful from lack of meds and now - well sometimes I still wake up feeling awful but it's a lot less than it would be.

To kevieb:
Regarding your paragraph at the end of your comment - I'm fairly certain fibromyalgia is forever but from what I've heard of other folks with it for really long periods of time that the periods of "remission" or better phases can be extended with some luck and the right treatment, diet, exercise, etc. I think the important thing is to never lose hope. I also think a LOT can be said for positive thinking and action. I turned into a bit of a recluse after I was diagnosed but 2 yrs later I found a band I really liked - and I went to a concert. I was in so much pain standing for hours at this concert I was literally crying through out it (and really worried someone would see me and think I was a dorky fan girl for crying at the sight of my favorite band) but the next day I felt great - just the feeling of accomplishment made such a huge difference. So I ended up following the band on tour and it seemed like the more I did the better I felt - and all the positive energy of doing something I loved and being with friends helped even more. I think that's why maybe the wedding mania didn't get you down as much as expected - because it was something you cared about. There's peaks and valleys but life's like that - I guess you just keep on trucking and stay positive and it doesn't seem like quite as much of a burden. Medicine is essential in my humble opinion when it comes to fibro - but so is hope.
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Hi all,
Another medication to try is brand new on the market this year--Butran patch.  Mine is 5 mcg.  I've taken it for 2 months to prevent my severe migraines which send me to the ER (and no ER trips since using it).  Last night I couldn't continue it because I forgot to refill it and the fibromyalgia symptoms got worse.  The patch is a very low level of opiates 24/7 which is supposed to be non-addictive.  So it might help someone else with fibromyalgia. It is highly regulated and you can only get a prescription for one month at a time.
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Hi Sara,
I didn't realize you had posted and asked me a question. I was on Savella for about 7 months. The first few months were great, then I started having really high blood pressure and what I would call "spells" when it would go high and I would feel really sick. I have alot of things wrong with me health wise but my blood pressure had always been fine, so I weaned off the Savella. I am now on Cymbalta 30mg and I have been on Gabapentin (Neurontin) for my peripheral nueropathy. The Cymbalta has helped my mood and somewhat my pain levels but not a huge amoutn. I think we all react so differently to different meds for Fibro. It's always good to read other posts and see how they react. There are things people post on here I have never heard of! Hope this helps a little.
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i love the idea of a patch that would give a continuous dose of medication--but the only one i knew of was phentanyl. (SP?)  if i go to bed at a decent hour and manage to sleep through the night, i quite often wake up feeling like i've been hit by a truck---and then maybe run over a few times by it for good measure.  it takes awhile for me to be able to get going and get rid of the pain enough to function very well.  if i go to bed late and take some norco---and then wake up relatively early and take some pain meds (and sometimes go back to sleep)  i feel alot better when i wake up---although lately i've had a number of times that i've felt crappy after falling back asleep after taking the pain meds.  my own theory is that the medication has worn off completely, which is going to put in in pain---and, probably because i have been taking norco and soma for 6+ years, i'm guessing i could be having a little bit of withdrawal by morning.

i know that the whole idea is suposed to be pain control, which means that we shouldn't let it get really bad before we take something for it.  i know from my own experience, that if i let the pain get too bad, it quite often takes more medication than normal and a longer period of time to get it back under control.  i had a neurologist once tell me i was addicted to pain meds and that i had restless legs---he didn't even know how much pain medication i was taking--and i was too intimidated to tell him i knew what restless legs were and this was not it!!  not to mention the fact that restless legs don't make your head and neck hurt--or your arms and the bottoms of your feet and your ribs, etc. etc.  he told me that alot of people go off slowly, but it usually doesn't work and some just go cold turkey.  i was mortified at being told i was addicted---so i didn't take another pill for the rest of the day---by 11 pm i was in so much pain my husband told me i should probably take something.  i had to take more than i usually needed and it took HOURS before i could get the pain back under control----i think i finally fell asleep in the recliner at 3:30 am.  the pharmacist assured me the next day that they knew who had the drug problems and that i wasn't one of them--she also told me i wasn't supposed to go off them like that.

my orthoped, who treats my pain, also told me that they knew how much medication i was taking.  i was so mad at that neurologist---i think that i could probably stand up to a doctor like that now---but i couldn't then.

i would love to be able to have something in my system that could keep me a little more steady with pain control---even if i had to have something for breakthrough---i just think i could function better as a wife and mother.

what type of opiate is in the Butran and how does 5 mcg compare to something like vicodin or norco?

i have heard that they are working on making a long-acting hydrocodone.

the ups and downs can be so hard to deal with----and the weather changes that affect me come without warning.  i'm never completely free of pain, which i guess most people on here aren't, but with some norco, soma and a little caffiene, i can usually get it to a very tolerable level---although some days i need more---some days i'm lucky enough to need a little less.

so how long do i have to have this to be considered a really long time and be able to hope for longer and more often "remissions"?--probably not a question that can be answered?    i will be 49 years old next month, i have needed pain medication for a little over 12 years now----but looking back, i think i had mild symptoms for years---but i also have osteoarthritis---and i realize i have probably had symptoms of it since my early 20's.
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I  am receiving SSD, for my conditions which includes Fibromyalgia, Cervical Disk Disease, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Radiculopathy, etc.  I applied for SSD on the Social Security website and received my disability checks within a few months.  I am encouraging you to do this.  You must have ample medical documentation to show you have been seeing medical professionals for at least a couple of years.  This is the key to getting your benefits.  Without ample MRI's, x-rays, physical therepy records, and doctor visit notes, you will have to have a lawyer assist you with this.  Good Luck.  Gather all the medical info you have, or have some tests done to show the degree of disability.....
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With your sleeping problems, I wonder whether you have tried Trazodone which works as a sleeping pill as well.  It has done the most to treat my fibromyalgia.  Let me know.

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sara, back in the days when i was in a horrible depression and anxiety state---basically a complete nervous breakdown---trazadone (deseryl--don't think i spelled the brand name right) was one of the meds they tried on me.  i had a horrible reaction to it.  it made my skin crawl and made me extremely anxious.  i can still remember sitting in the corner of the shower just waiting for the xananx to kick in and make the awful feeling go away.  i have heard from other people that it is really good for sleep---but for some reason i can't tolerate it.  in fact, i get almost the same reaction from almost every single anti-depressant i have ever tried. someone once told me ther is a name for the reaction and that if you get it, you can't take any other medication in that same family.  i don't know that i necessarily agree with that.  i had a doc once who would start me on lower than normal doses of anti-depressants and then take about twice as long to titrate it up and if it ended up working for me, it was usually at a lower dosage than normal.  if i was lucky enough to find one that i could tolerate and seemed to help me---it would only last for a few months and then poop out on me.  

sometimes i could get past the initial break-in symptoms if the doc would let me take xanax every day for the first week while my body adjusted to it.

there is a tricyclic that is supposed to be good for fibromyalgia at a lower dose--but the name slips me.  when my pain was not as bad, it actually worked for me.  i still remember thinking i couldn't believe i was not feeling much pain--sometime i wasn't feeling any!!---but, it stopped working for me.  i tried it again later and realized it made me really sleepy--when i looked it up, it said that the sleepiness was a side effext that would not go away.  i take vyvanse now to help combat the tiredness caused by the narcotics (and also because they diagnosed me as ADD--but i'm not conviced the diagnosis is correct--i think fibro causes alot of distraction in your mind--they also tried to diagnose me as bipolar NOS---and i'm sure that's not right---i've never been manic in my life---sometime i think it might be nice to be mildly manic!!LOL!!    i have wondered if i could take that tricyclic again now that i take vyvanse.  i just want to feel better.  

i have 9 children and 2 step-children---my youngest is only in second grade and i feel bad that i don't have the energy to do the things i would like to do with and for her.  we only have 4 children left at home, but i don't feel like i am a good mother anymori talk too much----especially for that little while after i take my pain killers--i'veheard other people say it affects them the same way---can you tell by my post that i just recently took meds??!!LOL!!.  
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So sorry to hear that you had such a terrible reaction to Trazodone.  We all react differently to medications.

Your postings show that you have really tried with the different medications which says a lot for you.  That is what a neurologist recently said to me--that I had tried many medications and various treatments to treat my 24/7 migraines and it was just plain hard to treat a 24/7 headache situation and one caused by a stroke.  So that's what you have to give YOURSELF credit for and your continuing action to get treated.  

And so what if you talk a lot sometime. That doesn't make you not a good mother anymore.  You've already raised 5 children out of the house.  And did well at 2 recent weddings.  Give yourself the credit that you deserve.  

All the best to you.

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I think the anti-depressant that you thought of with Fibromyalgia might be amytriptilene (sp?)? My sister takes that and my neuro doctor was going to prescribe it because I just cannot sleep at all anymore but I had to remind him I already take Cymbalta. I agree with Sara - give yourself credit - 9 children is alot and the fact you have raised them so well speaks volumes. We have 8 ourselves. It's not easy when you feel bad.
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i think it was amitryptiline--i've taken so many that i can'y remember all their names--or even how many i have tried--and then add in the fact that half the time they are going by a generic name rather than a brand name.....i kind of feel at this point that i don't want to try any antidepressants again for awhile---i'm kind of burned out on them.  the only thing i take is clonazepam when i need it to stop either the shaking or the crying.

even when the amitryptiline worked for me---and i remember being amazed that i wasn't in pain---it stopped working after a short period of time--maybe i should have upped it a little before giving up, who knows.
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Has anyone else had higher blood sugar levels with this medication, for some reason mine have gone sky high this is something totally neww to me as I have never had diabetes before,
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Hi Kevieb,
Yes, you are right that you can't legitimately cross off an anti-depressant without raising it.  I had to raise my Effexor 3 times.  My mother has gone from 37.5 mg of Effexor to now 225 mg for the anti-depressant to work. She has been in hospice for the last 20 months with NO PAIN!

The last time the doctor had me raise the Effexor, I told her that no drug could possibly help me since the cause was situational with my horrible life.  She told me later that she thought that my chronic pain had finally gotten to me.  And I've read where a certain percentage of those in chronic pain commit suicide.  She also recommended counseling which I never got.  Four weeks later after raising the Effexor. my depression magically went away and the migraines got better as well.  But I still had a fairly horrible life.

So just some information for you to consider with anti-depressants.  

And interesting that you take clonazepam or Klonopin.  I also take it every night (0.5mg) for myoclonus which is a condition of involuntary jerking which I've suffered from since my stroke.  One side effect is that I've had no more mild anxiety attacks since taking the medication.  It is addictive, but I need it in order to sleep.
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You do have to raise almost any drug that you take in order for it to stay effective. That is the downside of medications. I hate that part of them. I am on quite a few medications and am trying to get off them but it isn't easy as then I just feel bad with symptoms. It's a vicious cycle. I also took Klonopin for my restless legs and I went off of it because I also take Gabapentin (Neurontin) and that is supposed to work too for rls. But...since I went off, I have had more sleepless nights and it basically stinks.

and Vickie, how long have you been on Savella. I was only on for 7 months and then went off but my blood sugar did not go high. Certainly discuss that with your doctor!
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my problem with upping any antidepressant is that i am so overly sensitive to the side effects.  they make my skin crawl and give me the shakes and make me very anxious.

i tried to start a new one a couple of months ago---and after only a few pills--and even loweing the starting dose and taking xanax---i had to quit it because the side effects were just too intolerable for me.  i had the shakes for weeks after i stopped the medication---long after the doctor and pharmacist both told me it should have been out of my system.

i tried an antidepressant once years ago and after 3 pills it gave me vertigo, so i stopped it, and the vertigo took 2 weeks to go away.

i'm really afraid to try them again.
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You certainly have good reason to not want to rush into another anti-depressant.

And in answer to your question about the opiate in the Butrans patch, the package says it is buprenorphine.  Hope that doesn't rule it out for you.

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i was diagnosed with fibro about two years ago, right after a hysterectomy.  I had just lost my mom to ovarian cancer, so I didn't know if the depression, sweats and mood swings were from those or savella.  I now know it's the meds. in addition to everything else.  I am now on 100 mg two times a day.  I have the dizziness, MAJOR insomnia (I am now taking klonipin) and weight gain.  I also had to be put on Tylenol 3.  My biggest concern is that my liver enzymes are up; the liver scan I am supposed to get will cost $1,000.  One thing that has helped me is a yoga routine I found on Netflix called Yoga for aches and pains.  It's a bit on the dorky side, but it really helps to relax my muscles, and at least I feel like I'm getting some sort of exercise in.  It is a very slow-going, relaxed approach to yoga.  (no twisting yourself into a pretzel while standing on one foot)  I also began a gluten free diet, and I've noticed a difference.  Fish oil, vitamin D have helped, and they are pretty much imperative for women anyway.    I had a short period of remission, but today woke up with a killer migraine and an inability to really move.  Stress is the worst thing.  After reading all of these posts, I am nervous about staying on Savella, but I am a sixth grade teacher and have to do something for the pain.  The teacher part does not help the stress, and I am considering retirement.
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Oh my goodness.. I feel the same way, I need to provide for my family and am not sure how to make the two meet. I have just really become very interested in how much of what I am experiencing from the fibro and how much is from the meds that I take for the fibro. I have never had high blood pressure, chest pains, was never diagnosed with a heart murmur, never had migrains, insomnia, anxiety, anger, and so on and on and on. There are many more to list. I go to my doctor and he says to go to a phsyciatrist, I am NOT crazy!!!  I need to find out If I would be better off dealing with the fibro pain and not the side effects.. I have a list that shows all the symptoms of fibromyalgia, but it looks to me like alot of them I have had only since I have been the meds.. Are alot of them Side effects from meds???
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I am currently on Cymbalta and Savella. My doctor put me on the Savella recently it has been alittle over a month. I do have the horrible sweets, headaches and now noticed something very weird that im calling my doctor about tomorow. My second toe on each foot is extreamly swollen, bright red and numb. I don't know whats causing this but recently started after this new medication. I'm always feeling like i'm in a fog and a walking zombie for awhile now even before Savella but I was on Cymbalta.
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I have been taking it for about 2 years now.  My doctor only has 3 of us on it in his office.  My pain is coming back too.  And I am not too sure that it isn't the sorce of some of the very bad mood swings and anger at even being around is coming from.  I refuse to take the other meds, and my doctor won't put me on them.  
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My pain level is back up to 5 or 6.  I have days/nights every now and then that puts me to bed and pain level is 10+  last night it hurt laying on the bed.  The preasure of my skin agains the bed hurt.

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my pain level is back up again onl Savella for fibro.  I am also on vicodin for pain.  Gabapintan (spell?) for nerve endings.  I am in a fog sometimes and the side effects of the Savella lasted for about 4 weeks.  The pain went away.  After about 2 years or more now the pain has returned.  
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I have never in the past 4 years been out of pain 100%.  All the doctor can do is ease the pain and give another pill.  Vicodin helps more than anything.  I do think that I am having really bad mood swings off the Savella.
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So sorry to hear about your accelerated pain.  You could be having bad mood swings from the terrible pain that you are experiencing.  It seems odd that the Savella would suddenly cause mood swings after you have been taking it for the past 2 years, but anything is possible.   What does your doctor have to say about your sudden bad pain?  Often, when pain comes back, the answer is to raise the medication, especially something like Savella which has the very same ingredients as an anti-depressant.

Fibromyalgia can get a lot worse at times. And any kind of pain is possible with fibromyalgia.  I know what you mean about the bed hurting.  I have to sleep with the furriest of blankets used as a sheet and it always takes me a long time to get comfortable in bed.

I really think that you should call your doctor.  Good luck.
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I was transitioned from cymbalta to savella in january..he never gave me a good reason why? I have been in hell ever since!  I have had good blood pressure all my life and since taking savella my bp has been dangerously high running 180/135 at times with a pulse rate as high as 98 sitting down. I can't seem to catch my breath at times....I have soaking wet hot flashes that can last hours.  So embarrassing.
I just had one of the most severe dizzy spells ever and that was laying down with my eyes shut..it felt like I was dying...like my heart had stopped.
I've got to get off of thiis asap but my husbands insurance doesn't kick in for 2 months and I can't find a rheumatologist who will take a cash customer....sooooo I just started trying to wean down on my own....frustrated!
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I think that you said that very well.I'm on day 6 of Savella, The side effects aren't as bad as some meds i've been given to try since 1995. Then a lot of drs thought it was all mental. God bless the people that are proving it is real.
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Going through the same thing the doctor just put me on savella from cymatta because my insurance would not pay for it sense being on the new med i feel sick all the time and cry and hurt all the time some days i just can't get out of bed waiting on SSID to take a long time i will pray for anyone one who feel like i do.
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I was taking Lyrica, Cymbalta Flexaril, savella and voltaren all at the same time as prescribed by my MD.  It was ok until the savella was added.  While before I was tired after the savella was a night mare.  I slept all the time,  Was nauseated and bruised every where. and I coulnot think straight at times.  If I got distracted from a task I often forgot all about it.  This and the pain, mood swings with bouts of anger have almost cost me my job.  I am now working with a rhuematologist who only left me on Cymbalta, which works for me, and Prednisone which we are in the process of tapering.  Ifell great now although the sleep difficulties remain.. Stay as far away from savella as you can
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Go to the extensive drug reviews on webmd.  Many people said that Savella completely took away their fibromyalgia.  Everyone is different.  It caused me intense nausea--darnnit.
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While taking the Savella, try taking amino acid supplements, magnesmium with malic acid supplement and withdraw from refind sugar, caffeine in take and processed foods. Ive done this with great success for my FM.
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I'm a 62 yrs. old female that has had fibromyalgia for about 26 yrs. I started with stiffness in my neck and arms. Now as I get older it has gotten worse and worse. I have come to the point that I can't work and I'm in the process of trying to get my disability for the past 15 months. Since fibromyalgia is so hard to diagnose, I just found out from my disability hearing that you have to go to a fibromyalgia specialist to count how many points of pain areas that you have. If you are trying to get your disability make sure you go to a specialist before your hearing so the fibromyalgia is used. The judge immediately said that the fibromyalgia would not be used because I only had documentation from my PCP that I had it.

I was given Savella to try, however I am a person that researches all new medications that I am prescribed because I have so many allergic reactions to meds. When I read the insert that was in the sample, I saw that it raises blood pressure. I have HBP so I immediately knew that I couldn't take the med. I am so glad I found this website and read the side effects some people have endured. I'm not even going to try it because I had some bad side effects from Cymbalta. I used it for about 3 months and then I started having worst pains and chest pain.

The problem with trying all these different drugs is you pay for them and then you find out that you can't use them. That's money down the drain and you have to go back and buy something else. Maybe that med will work or it won't, now you have wasted more money if it doesn't. It's a shame you can't return meds that you have side effects from.

The pain from fibro gets worst as you get older so I don't know what I have to look forward as far as getting better or eleviating the pain. Unfortunately, you just have to suffer and look forward to your good days. If I didn't have my faith in the Heavenly Father, sometimes I don't know what I would do.

I have a great husband that is very patient with me, however I feel really bad because the pain causes me to have mood swings and to be inpatient.
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July 2011 I woke up one morning and couldn't walk. Both feet have swelled 3x their size and were red and could not be touched not even by a sheet.  I have been in the restaurant biz for 10 years and now my life has turned upside down.  I am now 26 and in 1 year have been diagnosed with sarcoidosis in my lymph nodes which has caused the side affect of RA and I thought for awhile all I needed to do was take prednisone to reduce the swelling and inflamation and have been on hydroxychlor for the RA....I wish that was all.  I thought I had found a desk job working for hertz but I am washing and cleaning 8 to 10 cars daily and that's been since march.  Starting in may I thought I just have to deal with the arthritis in my ankles and wrists but then I started having pain in my back, neck, shoulder blades, lower back, calves, quads, jaw and cheeks.  I kept a 2 week diary of my where my pain was, what I ate that day, my activity level and pain level and gave it 2 my RA doc and he is now putting me on savella.  I already have missed work from being in pain am I goin to miss work starting this med due 2 nausea?  I'm wandering if I should go on short term disability from my job so I can deal with these symptoms and get some rest bc I could litterally sleep all night and day if I could.  I'm only 26 I want to feel 26 and I want everyone who I talk to about it not look at me and say "you look fine" because I do not feel inside how I look outside.  I just wanna know if its ok that I take time with short term disability just to get back on track.  It makes me feel bad but I feel bad and my days are the never the same.  I wish more than anything I could wake up one day feeling rested, happy and in no pain with no stiffness, I want that more than the lottery!
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I WISH Vicodin would TOUGH my pain!  Life would be so much simpler!
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i have been on Savella since January, it was helping me at least be able to somewhat tolorate it more. (only 100 mg a day) for the last month, i have been getting way worse, cant sleep at night and much more pain.  however, went to the doctor today and they are putting me up to 200mg a day.  not sure if savella has just adapted way too much and now it doesnt work on my pain or if my pain is just getting worse.  the pain is what depresses me!!! if you want to contact me, my email is ***@**** i am going out of my mind with all my body issues.  wanna chat, my name is Tracy.
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I was given a sample of Savella. It made my heart pump out of my chest. I felt like a big knot in my stomach between my breasts and in my throat. I took my blood pressure anf it was sky high, 167/96, and my pulse was 127. I stopped immediately and called the doctor. It did help a little for the pain, but not worth the risk to me.
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I have been suffering with fibro for several decades now but just recently began "official: treatment and a drug regimen.  I was having terrible side effects so hitting bottom have started different dietary and supplement strategies and am documenting them on a blog.  If you have experience or found remedies I'd love you to share.  http://****.wordpress.com

4058222 tn?1354590355
Ugh Savella was a nightmare. It made me nutty. Sick everyday to my stomach, I stopped eating because I couldn't take the vomiting. It made me grind my teeth constantly, I felt nervous, and went 3 days at a time without sleeping. I had to stop taking it after 2 months.... during which I had ZERO relief from the Fibro.
After that experience, I do not take anything. I can't deal with the side effects and would rather deal with the pain than feeling sick constantly.
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I am currently taking Savella 50mg twice daily for severe Fibromyalgia. This is my third attempt out of desperation, as I'm sure you all understand what I mean. I started this time taking a month to get up to present dose. I've now been taking Savella for a about six weeks. I am doing fairly well but have a couple of side effects that I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing. For one I am having chills, which is so not normal for me, and second , it is affecting my sinuses. I especially notice sinus discomfort when I try to increase my dosage. Also, my eyes get so tired and bloodshot and I feel like I could sleep forever( which I really can't sleep at all)! I notice when I do go to bed at night , I am so cold and restless even though I'm exhausted. I am going to try and figure out how to get second dose taken earlier in the evening.
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I love Savella I take for fibro as well as anxiety I really love it. My fibro had gotten so bad through my shoulders arms ribs and knees I was like
Bed bound taking a shower was a chore. I took cymbalta first and I loved it I was on a pink cloud until I realized the cymbalta was putting me I a long manic phase. So after they said that cymbalta was bad for me I was on lyrics and I liked lyrics for my siattica but not fibro all the time I was taking pain meds with
No relief and then Savella was recommended and I love it I don't cry trying to fall asleep or
Get woken up from the pain I think it works great
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I am 39. I have moderate rheumatoid arthritis and FIbro since my teens, but I wasnt diagnosed until 29. My RA is a cakewalk compared to FIbro. I have no energy at all. My husband thinks I'm lazy. I am in constant pain if I'm awake. I can't sleep laying down. I have small children and I can't even sit on the floor and play with my daughter. This is killing me, literally. I work full time because I am the main breadwinner in my home. It takes all I have to go to work. It's not that I don't want to, it's that I'm getting to the point where I can't anymore. I have spent lots of time and money on doctors and medications.
I took ultram for two years then stopped.The withdrawals were awful from the ultram. For a year I still had withdrawals. Then my doc said to try savella. It worked very well for me. For months I was pain free. Then we stopped it due to my pregnancy. After the baby came, I restarted it.
Oh boy, I got all the side effects. All at once I was nauseated, vomiting, diarrhea, but by far the worst was the profuse sweating and chills.
And then I wanted to do harm to myself for no reason. I literally wanted to die. It was making me suicidal. I stopped taking it period. No tapering off. Please do not take this medication!!!! I wonder how many people have killed themselves while on this drug. This is horrible!  
Imagine already being depressed due to a disease and then taking this crap on top of it. It should be off the market, really.
I will just suffer through my pain, like I have for ten years.
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It is so hard to explain to family and friends.  You don't want to talk about symptoms but you are asked why it us hard to do this or that and you wind up talking about the pain and that was the last thing yoju wanted to discuss.  I always feel like a hypochondriac. This disease or syndrome makes me want to avoid people and explanations.
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I pray for U !!!!Hope U have a good Dr, recomendation form DR can decide if they going to approve the disabilitie.I,am on SSD for 7 years and got it very fast like a month.But its so little money, hardly getting by.Good luck.
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I took Cymbalta for a few weeks. What I notice, is taking about 1/4 of the dosage stopped all the side effects. The standard was to much.I had many side effects on the standard dosage, but when I cut it back, it worked great, no pain, slept well at night, and had a very clear mind the next day.I have found over the years, not to always take the full dosage of any meds, but work my up until problems occur, then back the dosage down to a comfortable dosage, regardless of the meds. The reason I went off the Cymbalta, was gas, passing gas all the time, if you can live with that, this is a good med taken in lower dosages. I mean think about it, they give a 100 pound woman the same dosage as they give a very over weight man, say weighing over 250 Lbs. Doctors are not as smart as people think they are, the average doctor coming out of med school, is a grade average of a C-. If that's a clue for everyone, i do not know what is.    
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Approximately a year ago my friend was prescribed Savella. This drug comes with the following warning "Withdrawal symptoms have been observed in clinical trials following discontinuation of milnacipran, as with other serotonin and norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitors (SNRIs) and selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Patients should be monitored for these symptoms when discontinuing treatment. Savella should be tapered and not abruptly discontinued after extended use.

When my friend went to the pharmacy to get her first re-fill prescription, she was told that the pharmacy had none in stock.  She later learned that the pharmacy did have 50 mg tablets in stock and the Rx was for 100 mg tablets.  With one phone call to her physycian, the Rx could have been filled.  However, the pharmacist did not fill the Rx and the withdrawal symptoms began.  Several times on the way home she had to pull off the road so she could vomit.  She was very sick for several days - until the Rx could be filled.  When her doctor learned about the withdrawal, she apologized profusely and the pharmacy was instructed that Savella must be kept in stock.

It has happened again!  My friend was 4 tablets short on her latest refill.  The doctor did not write the prescription for sufficient medication to last until the refill date.  My friend phoned the pharmacy on Friday, and asked them to call the doctor to request filling the Rx four days early.  According to the pharmacist, the early refill was denied by the physician, the same physician who previously "apologized profusely".  My friend called the clinic on Thursday.  The prescribing physician was not in the clinic that day.  Her duties were being handled by a Nurse Practitioner who claimed that the prescribing physician had instructed her NOT to give my friend any Savella.  The NP refused to provide the Savella.

On Thursday my friend phoned me, sobbing.  She had taken the last Savella tablet and was well aware of the misery she would suffer until the pharmacy would be allowed to refill the Savella Rx, supposedly on Monday.  She has not been able to tolerate any food since Friday, has suffered constant cold sweats and severe heart palpitations. I am an RN.  I asked if I could take her to the ER, but she declined, saying "They won't help me,  They will call my "attending physician" who will again refuse to help.

The physician is deliberately causing my friend to suffer withdrawal!!!!

I have contacted an attorney.  


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Good for you.  And while you're at it, contact the Medical Board for your State to complain about the doctor.
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I was on Savella 100 mg 2X a day. I was starting to get muscle twitching, sweats, and my resting heartbeat was over 100, couldn't sleep at night, couldn't go to the bathroom very much, so I started to swell up like a balloon, and also had brain fog. When I decided to get off it, I went cold turkey. I figured the withdrawal symptoms and the original fibromyalgia were better than the way I was feeling on it. Well about 10 days after getting off, my skin on my face started to peel...like I had a really bad sunburn. It was large pieces coming off. I think I shed three times and it's finally very manageable. It's been about three weeks that I went off it. I'm sleeping very well at night again, my heart rate is slowly coming down, I'm actually going to the bathroom normally again, I'm thinking much more clearly, and those awful twitches are subsiding. I know I have a way to go yet, but I am so glad I got off that stuff. These new drugs are brutal. I'll just take pain meds. At least I know the side effects from that.,
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I feel sorry for anyone with fibromyalgia it is a living hell. I have had this disease for years and have been to physicians in my state that were paid researchers. I  have been on Savella for four months. I now have sweats so.bad from it I sweat thru my clothing and it drips down my face. I thought it was my thyroid medication. I stopped that. Nope I took the Savella this morning and the terrible sweats are back. I have been having intense joint pain lately and have been trying to get into my specialist for that,maybe it's the Savella, I just don't know. By the way it's not menopause, I went through that five years ago. I have fibromyalgia pain do to multiple car accidents and surgery, low back and two on my neck in 2012. It is hell. I take lyric and pain meds. I use to take cymbalta but it made me a zombie and it made me fat. I will be follow up with my physician soon and will get off the Savella, too bad it was my last hope. I recommend swimming, I mean just floating in a pool and staying relaxed since stress of any kind makes it worse. I also recommend. Eating as healthy as possible, get lots of fresh air and try to walk or do some exercise everyday no matter how badly you hurts. My husband is a real rock thank God! Maybe in the forum we can share our tips and tricks until a cure is found.
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This is why I refuse to take SSRI drugs.

I was once on them and they made my life miserable more than helping me.  It took me 9 months to finally get to where I did not have to take any and two years before the brain zaps quieted down after withdrawal. I slowly weaned myself from them.

I still suffer from sometimes very intense pain in my back and neck nearly every day, especially after very stressful days. The pain in my back gets so intense that I feel like I want to pass out. My physician doesn't believe me. I think she doesn't want to help because I refuse most all medications she suggests simply because I am very, very afraid of them.

Right now she is making a big deal of my taking clonopin to minimize my anxiety. I take 0.5 mg and sometimes half of that, even though she prescribes that I can take 2 pills daily. That is a total of 1 lousy mg.

Today when I went to refill my medications, the pharmacy asked me if I knew that I was getting a controlled substance. I told her yeah. I've been taking these same medications for 20 years. She said well, we just had to ask. I'm thinking....you the first one to ask.

I am tired of the medical community treating me as if I am a drug addict because taking a very minimal dose of an anti anxiety medication is of a little help to me...to keep my muscles from tensing up so much.

One day I am going to find natural remedies and kick them all to the curb. They won't get my money except what we are forced to do under obamacare.

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