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sleeping pills and I still can't sleep.

My doctor put me exeffor and lunesta a little over a year ago. She recently swiched me to Ambian CR because the lunesta was not working.I also take wellbutrin in the morning. I would go back to see her but I no insurance at this time. The problem is..I still can't sleep. I took the effexor and Ambian CR around 1:30am. Now its almost 4am.and I wide wake.  By the time I fall asleep I'm down for most of the day. I'm not sure what to do anymore. I have to get someone to pick up my daughter from school because I'm still to tired to drive. If anyone has any idea as to what will help..Please let me know. I'm missing out on to much of the day. thank you all
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Hi sweetie...Same here, but I'm a grandmother with no little ones home to
take care of...so I can sleep when I can....as you can see I'm also having
a sleepless night :(  

I don't have insurance either BUT I do have a few suggestions for you!
I do have a good DR. so I don't know what your Dr. would do but here is what
mine does for me cause he knows I'm a self-pay patient.

In your case I would call my Dr. and let him know the meds he prescribed did not
work and remind him you have no insurance but would like to try something else
and ask if he would have a few samples for you to try since the Lunesta and
Ambian have not worked for you.

Also, you may be able to get your meds for free or at a low cost..I applied for Nuvigil
which is $300.00 at my pharmacy,( which i could not afford) It took 5 weeks but now I'm getting them FREE....I'm in the process of applying for my other meds..Lyrica and Cymbalta these also cost a lot  :(

Let me know if your intrested I can post some sites..If I can do that here? Have not been here for a while, I will have to refresh my memory on the rules :) hehe

Oh!! also...Do a google search on your meds!! I did a search on Nuvigil and I printed out
a coupon for 7 free pills...hey, any lil bit helps :) well I say "lil bit" but 7 pills was $85.00

Ok sweetie, I hope and pray you get some rest...please let me know how things go for you...If there is any thing I can do to help just let me know

God Bless, Hugs Pod
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I too have insomnia and am very resistant to sleep meds.  My doc prescribed Mirtazapine, which is generic for Remeron...I take 45 mgs and it WORKS!!!  I never thought I would sleep again...I really feel for you...Good Luck!
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