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someone plz helpp im not sure wat to do no more

ok it all started 2 weeks of  intense work out ... change in life style healthy  eating  suddenly ....  i noticed a bulge in my stomach with a slight dul pain
dr said its fine .. next dr said its all good.... the dr after that said its all normal  but very  odd :/ so he wanted scans ( next month so 2 weeks away ) then i dislocated my arm ... from the shoulder ..... they used morphine and madaslim on me to keep me calm while they shoved it back in
i came home watched sienfield had some food and went to bed woke up once realised my fingers were numb  woke up again realised i was dizzy and confused saying to my mum somethings wrong she went to work i took a lil nap to calm down abit
dr the next day said  its just nervs and from the drugs relax
next day another dr said .. no it shouldnt of done that no way
day after that  this other dr checked my  reflexes and all and said its ok doesnt seem to be a issue atm so i got blood tests  ... came back as my B low potasium low and folate acid also ENlarged red cels:/ ..... got more blood takenn waiting to see the dr in 7 days  so far this is day 27 .....
the pain is odd ...
i was under alot of confusion.......wich is odd ive bled from the nose alot ... i spewed up a few times when i was dizzy
(started as a numb feeling  around the top part of my scalp above the ear  this odd feeling in my ear  and eye ... the eye bulged feeling....  i even thought oh man... im gonna die   ........its changed  abit the  dizzyness stoped ... its just the numbness )  the eye dr said noway its got anything to do with my eye... he said it looked like i was under alot of stress
im not sure if i wanna tell my parents but today i was sitting there with a pen with afamily member and she said ur hand i looked down and realised there was  blood dripping from  it  from the pen.... and i was shocked ..... i also remembered how i feel better in dreams then in real wich scares me alot...

today day 27  i feel like im dieing....i bleed from my nose  in the shower and almost  fell over...
idont feel good at all and my mum just had a massive fight with me and im kicked out on the streets  so can somone give me a hand b4 i die o the streets >.>
im gonna get some results tomorrow on b 12  and folate acid but i think it isnt gonna help out
i think it may be spine related sp i wanna ask him to check it
can u give me a hand ? someoneeeeeeeeeeeeeee  it feels like ppl r just giving up on me atm
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