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sweating at night + mycloplasma

My 5 year soon is not been well, since 5 month ago, he had had ears infection and temperature every month, been tired, been under penicillin, he gets better but not well, and during all this time he always have a cold,  running nose and post nasal drip, and also he started  sweating and waking up at night very confused and frighten, I took several times to the GP and I request a blood sample, they took to check whole white ,red cells and Tirhoydes and kidneys and liver funtcin  everything was fine, but he continued with the sweat at nght and with the cold , but in the last 6 weeks he develoved and cough during the day and at night time he vomit the mucus or phemg , he woke up with all this coughing, also he had diarrhea and temperature, I took to teh Gp and they said was  just a cold, and after other week of coughing I took him bad and they told me there was a bacteira going around and it needed antibiotic, they took a sample and it came positive with Mycoplasma and was send a course of erythromicyn, but he improve but never came better always running nose the diarrhea stoped but now after weeks without antibiotic his nose is running more and coughing more, sweating at night, and the Gp send me to see the pediatrician BUT it will take weeks, I dont have more doctors in kilometers arounds to sad, I think they have been negleted., and they dont know what they are doing. Could he have a cronic mycoplasma infection and does it have a relatoin with his night sweats and which could be the treatment if the last swap of his nose is positive with mycoplama, becuse he got 125 mg of erythromicyn 4 times a day, just during the days per 10 days. Many thanks.
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Hey andeas444,
Welcome to the forum.
Your son probably has a combination of Mycoplasma Pneumoniae ( a type
of bacterial pneumonia) and Candidiasis ( a type of yeast infection) that may be affecting the eosophagus, stomach and possibly blood stream. Doxycycline is the choice antibiotic for treating Mycoplasmas.
There's also a suspicion of Mycotoxins, following the possible Candidiasis  
infection. Strict avoidance of sugars, flours,grains, cereals,breads, anything with yeast or alcohol including cough medicine-they are often loaded with sugars and may contain alcohol, dairy products, is recommended.
Consumption of extra virgin coconut oil is one of the top remedies, as EVCO is an excellent anti-fungal agent. And high quality children's Probiotics
Recommended searches:
-Coconut research center
-You tube saliva candida test
-Anti-candida diet
-immed.org (pertains more to Mycoplasma Fermentan  Incognitus) however, since you have no specific Mycoplasma confirmation, you will get a better idea about some other pathogenic  mycoplasma infections.
-Probiotic supplementation for children.
Hope this helps.
If you have any questions please post again.
Blessings to all of you!

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I will find which kind of mycoplasma he has got.
And will have a word with the GP again
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My son is going to be 5 in August, your son has exactly what my son has.... it is pneumonia.....my son has severe allergies,he gets pneumonia every spring and fall,winter.... he always has pneumonia... u should really get him checkingd out for allergies, my son, gets the fevers,nasal drip in the throat which makes him gag,he phlems up very badly,u can tell in his eyes he has allergies,his cough is constant and diahrea comes and goes....too plz get him checked for it....   my son takes laratidine syrup,singular chewables,nasal spray,inhaler,and a nebulizer breathing machine when have to... talk to his dr about these medications,it will keep him from getting pneumonia again...
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