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I have been told that I have Fibro,  Does anyone have a problem with knees 'locking up' with such intense pain that it causes you to faint.  Also, I have sensitivity to light and sound.  Very weak - tired beyond belief and it's not letting up even with cymbalta and lyrica medication.  I have meniere's (bi-lateral) and also very dizzy at this time.  I am so discouraged - can't go anywhere or do anything,  Way too lighth headed to drive a car.  Can anyone relate to these symptoms.  I think I would feel better just knowing that I am not alone with these strange things going on with my body.  I was very active with tennis, grandkids, etc...This is getting really old.  How long does this usually last? Thanks to anyone out there suffering with any health issues.  Boy, how thankful we should be for good health.  
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Hi Clara;
   I have all of the syptoms that you mentioned plus, I feel at times that I have things growing out of my scalp, not actually painful, but it feels horrible, my elbows hurt so bad I can barely touch them, my back aches and the pains shoot down into my hips, my eyes are very sensitive to light and high sounding noise pierces my ears. At times my feet feel like they are full of pins or stickers from cacti, my hands hurt so badly and at times they try to draw up, and at times the side of my face hurts really bad.
   There is no cure for Fibro, and a lot of the meds don;t touch the pain. I had an appointment with my Rheumy this morning and she changed my meds. She gave me a stronger pan med, and upped my flexeril, and doubled my sleeping pills. I also take Zoloft 100mg and that has saved my sanity. I hate having this DD Fibro, but there's nothing I can do about it except to accpt and try to find a cocktail of meds that help.
    I swim everyday, normal exercise wipes me out for several days afterward, and I am learning not to over do, because when I do I go into a flare that lasts forever it seems.
    I hope this helped you a little.

gentle hugs
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Have you been evaluated  for lyme disease?  It's endemic in your state and can cause every symptom you describe.  Many people are diagnosed with FMS who really have lyme disease.
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I to have Fibro.  I suffer all the symptoms you have mentioned and more.  I have been professionally fitted with sports shoes and can now walk without to much pain.  I can not even travel in a vehicle for 40mins without being wiped out and unable to think clearly.  I find heat rub helps as I am intollorant of many meds and foods so can not take meds for pain relief.  I find going off processed foods and wheat products have helped with Celiacs (bowel probs) To start with I found having a quiet day before and after an outing or busy peroid would help, it does not help as much any more.  Good unprocessed food, pleanty of water, a ballance of rest and exercise is a must (this ballance changes often so can be difficult).  good luck with your fibro journey.  We are all different with our symptoms and what does and doesnt work.  
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When you said your elbows hurt I`d like to know where abouts?  I have terrible tenderness on my elbows and now one side is noticably swollen.  Tender to the touch (both) and the bones even feel sore.  It`s on the inside of my elbows - like if you put your palms up.  I`m waiting for a diagnoses of Fibro or RA or something!! I have many symptoms of both problems and I already have Hashimotos and OA.  I`m also almost menopausal so trying to work out what problem is connected to which disease is not so easy!
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Hi, I don't have Meniere's like you but I do have fibro and issues with my knees locking up at times as well.  I used to have severe dizziness problem for years until I was given Sporanox to treat an obvious yeast infection (there was very bad fungus in my ears) and ever since the dizziness went away but I have all the other fibro symptoms.  Things aren't as bad as they used to be but I'm not completey cured.  It is possible to treat fibro, but my rheumatologist says it's a one to five year treatment plan.  He used to have fibro himself and learned how to control it.  You should check out the book "The Fibromyalgia Solution" by Dr. David Dryland, he has immensely help both myself and my husband who has fibro too.
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