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to all swelling of feet

Does swelling of the feet have any thing to do with fms. went drs but didnt seem bothed any answers. yes its me again i for got what i was going to put Dorothy.
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Dear Luckydzack1,

my name is Sasha and my husband, age 24, has been experiencing swollen hands and feet. I was wondering if you yourself experienced swelling in the hands and feet?
My husband has been battling with this medical mystery for about 3 years now.
We have been to numerous doctors and he's been tested for Cancer, blood clots, fractures, you name it, we've probably been through it.
I am so desperate to find any sort of clue as to what could be going on.
I appreciate you reading this.
I hope everything with you turned out okay!


Sasha L.
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Have you checked another possibility,,,,,,,regardling your circulation?  
I have FMS also have swollen extremeties from time to time.  I use my hand for my artwrok a lot. I found my fingers swell more when I do.

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My  specialist said that the swelling of the hands & feet have something to do with fms. I get it all the time, I can't even wear my rings because my hands swell so bad. With my feet it hurts to wear shoes when they are swollen. I find they swell more in the heat, or if I walk for any distance like around the grocery store, that is the extent of my walking, I can't seem to do any more than that.
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