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where should we live?

I'm sure the weather effects my health.  When it's cold and dry I'm great but when a new system is moving in I feel it and start hurting more.  I live on the east end of Long Island, NY where the weather changes frequently.  I'm wondering if I should seriously think of moving elsewhere.  Has anyone done this and had better health because they moved?
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i had better luck moving from the city to the country - mind you the city was not in a valley but in a low area -dont know how to explain except the pollution settled atop the middle of the city - that along with the general noise of the city was a problem for me - now i live1-2 km from the water of and in a very peaceful and healthy environment - dont know if this helps - the nature and the peace and quiet is way worth it for me and going to the beach and letting the wind blow through my hair just feels like im clearing the cobwebs out of my mind body and soul
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When I'm in a warm climate I feel much better. I visited my brother & his wife at X-Mas time, they live right on the Pacific Ocean (2 blocks) and I hurt & was miserable the whoe time. I can always tell when it's going to rain or snow. If you can afford it, take a trip to where you think you might like to live, and stay there long enough to experience the climate there. Maybe try several different places. This summer I'm going to try Gainsville, Fla for a week. Warm & humid, see how that is. Could spent winter moths there after I retire, and summer in hot eastern Oregon. Ideal for me! Good luck.
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moved from Texas to Bandon Oregon and have never felt sooo bad.  
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I could have told you that!!! I used to live in Coos Bay, Coquille & Fairview!! 80 to 110inches of rain is not place for a fibro sufferer!!! So sorry for you. I went about as far in the northeast of the state as I could. Still cold, and this year snow, but not nearly the rain as coast. Take care of yourself down there...........Luck
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  HaHa you better not try Alaska the cold weather is a real killer on me just the pain and cramping on me is bad enough but with the cold really hurts with my muscles being so tense that it wear me out so fast and can be down for days at a time just from doing simple things outside that I have had my legs give out on me many times now, but at lease I do tend to get a warning with my legs starting to give out on me but yet it is still unclear if this is from MS or CFS till more testing is done but CFS has been dx years ago but with all the other new things going on he is looking into MS as the main problems for me.
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