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How to build your milk supply?

I've been breastfeeding and formula feeding since my daunghter was born, she's three months old now and since she was born it seems like I've just got less and less milk coming in. She feeds 10 minutes on each side each feed then has a 4oz bottle. I have never really gotten any milk from my left breast, the right one I can feel the milk coming out and she prefers that side and the left she just doesn't care for. I always start with the left side, but is there any way I can build my milk supply in both breasts so I can feed her less formula.
Any advice, I would like to do it without medication if possible. Thanks:)
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Stop feeding the formula. Start slow by taking 1 bottle away every other a day until you are no longer formula feeding. The second thing is to start stimulating your breasts by latching more often which is why taking the bottle away will help. Another way to stimulate is hand expressing YouTube has awesome videos to help teach the best method. Pumping after feedings will help and that includes when you bottle feed. Pump both breasts 1 at a time for 20 minutes doing massage and compression toward your nipple to help ensure you are emptying your breasts. Drink plenty of water eat oatmeal and you can take a vitamin called fenugreek found in the gnc store. Also take note when you pump a pump will never ever tell you how much milk you are truly making because it isn't nearly as efficient as a baby. It doesn't have the movement of the mouth as a baby does. The best way to tell if your making enough milk is to count wet diapers 5 or more wet ones is the best indicator. Also make sure you are getting your calories and another food you can eat to help is avocado. Also remember this breast milk is supply and demand. The more you demand the more you will supply. Lastly try nursing longer than 10 minutes. Go for 20 minutes. The longer you nurse the more milk will be made because it gives your breast more stimulation and you may get a double letdown.  

If you have any questions ask I will help as much as possible. Oh check out kellymom website that website has great advice for every question or concern you have and it is very accurate and has the resources to back it up.
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Ok, thank you that's great advice.. I started bottle feeding when I got home because I was feeding her 20 minutes each side and she was still starving and would eat a 4oz bottle. I also had my nipples piericed before I got pregnant and I took them out when I first found out because I wanted to exclusively breastfeed but ever since my milk came in it seemed like there wasn't much to begin with on the left side. I'm thinking that it could have damaged some milk ducts?
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It's possible but you can still feed as much as you can with that side for just in case. There have been many women to successfully breastfeed with only one breast. If you can look into visiting a lactation consultant at your hospital and she can also help. I had to see one because my son had latch problems from premature birth and nipple confusion. She was very helpful and with her help he learned to latch after 3 months. She was also the one who gave me the advice on pumping.

If your little one still seems hungry just rematch for 10 more minutes and if so after that I would only give an ounces from the bottle. It will help so much to let the baby eat as long as it can. Oh kellymom website also has some great ways to bottle feed the breastfed baby while trying to up your production.  

My best advice is speak to a lactation consultant or your local la leche league. It might be spelled le lache league sorry I get the e's and A's mixed up.

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I also forgot to mention. I was the same in one if mine I didn't seem to produce as much in one as I did the other. I think it may be normal. I will try to research the nipple piercing tomorrow and see what the statistics of damaged ducts are. I wouldn't think it would be bad considering the ducts are usually further back in the breast.
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Ok sounds good, the last two feeds she's had have been for 40 mins in total an the last one she drank a whole bottle before bed. I'm gunna keep at it and see if my milk supply will build up:) i did see a lactation consultion when my daughter was in the hospital, but that was due to her not latching on.. thanks so much for the advice, going to see if it will eventually build up, I'll be putting her to the breast she doesn't like first and as long as possible:p
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