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Still have chlamydia??

To start off, I am pregnant with my first child and am currently 3 months. A month ago I was having stomach pains and for 2 days it hurt to pee. I thought I had a uti so I tried to treat it myself n drank n ate healthily. The symptoms went away...
The next week I tried having sex with my boyfriend and afterwards it made me so sore down there that I couldn't go again for a couple days, and when we did, the pain still wasn't fully gone n it would just get more painful during sex. I thought I wasn't getting wet enough.
Then I started noticing a milky white discharge that smelled like sweet mayonnaise. Gross. I google searched and I assumed it's normal for pregnancy.
So a month later (earlier this month) I went to the doctor for a pregnancy check up and found out I had chlamydia. Yes, this entire time it was chlamydia. She prescribed me 2 azithromycin. I took both n waited. The discharge eased up n no more vaginal pain. It has now been 3 weeks and although a lot less, I still get a bit of white milky mayo smelling discharge n I know it's the same type because it has its own distinct smell. I thought it would be gone by now and I really wanted to start sex with my boyfriend again. Do I still have chlamydia? Or is it an after effect? Or is it something totally different? And should I wait to have sex again.
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your boyfriend need to go and get tested and treated becUse it will make no sense you get treated for it and he has it. Stay away from sex a bit too. Let your body go through the different phases of pregnancy. He can wait.
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If your boyfriend don't get tested and treated then your going to keep it.  
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