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What Can We Do To Get Nearly 4 Month To Sleep on His Own?

Our son, who will be 4 months old in a week, will not sleep unless either my wife or I is holding him. He abhors his bassinet, and screams non-stop if we put him down in it. We've tried warming the mattress pad up first, tried the mobile attached to it, tried white noise, all with no luck. (Though he'll usually fall asleep to white noise if he's being held.) This started from pretty much the day that we brought him home, and has resulted in my wife disassembling the couch and sleeping on the floor every night with him cradled in her arm. We are well aware of the dangers that are associated with co-sleeping, and did not initially intend for this to become the routine. We've reached a point where we need to make a change, for everyone's sake, but feel helpless to fix this. We're not big fans of the cry it out method, but we need to try something. Anyone dealt with this? Suggestions? Are we getting ahead of ourselves here? Thx.
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