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great grandparents

I am a first time mother. My lil one is 6 months old. My childs great grandparents try to act like his parents when we n my baby daddy gets home from some where they take the baby right from us they don't ask before they take him they are constantly feeding him an over feeding him we tell them when his next feeding is an they keeping on doing what we say not to. When we are out an visiting a family member or a friend they constantly call us an is like when you gonna have the baby home what is he doing where you all at. They think they should be the ones takin him to his doctor appointments because we took him to doctors on Friday n they told us he had thrush to boil everything n when it cleared up to get him new nipples and when we told the great grandparents that they were like awww you don't have to boil everything n get get new nipples and its like they don't think we know what we are talking about and it just makes me so mad I wanna rip my hair out. How do you think I should go about trying to fix this???? I mean even if we move out they will still blow our phones up just give me some advice
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Move out. Seriously. My grandparents did this to my mother as well and I ended up not seeing them for nearly 10 years because of it. Had she moved out sooner (and by moving out I also mean out of the area, not to a house down the street) it might have been managable. If they ring you up twenty times a day, stop picking up. They need to understand that it is YOUR baby, not theirs. They had their turn and now it's time for them to take a step back. If they are doing things that are hurting your baby, such as overfeeding and ignoring professional healthcare advice, you need to take action to prevent these things from happening. Find a new sitter that you can leave your baby at when you're out and if they complain, tell them that it is because you don't trust them to follow the instructions you gave them. It's rough, but if they won't listen it will possibly hurt your child.

So my advice: cut off, then rebuild. If they show they can follow your instructions, they can have a little more time with the baby. Be very strict in this and don't feel like you're being mean; you're just taking care of your child. Good luck!
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oh my i thought i had it bad... yes i fully agree with the PP... move away and screen your phone calls... its only going to get worse! trust me... i dont live with my in laws but they always overstep there boundries and drive me crazy! i wish i could move far away but its hard when we live on a farm... wait till that child can eat real food...i can just picture it now... not good
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Thanks to both of you. I am dealing with thrush now n can't seem to get it to go away been boiling bottles nipples toys and thing he touches or puts in his mouth. We went over to his great grandparents for dinner over weekend n I told them if they rub his gums sibce he is teething they need to wash hand before and after well they followed my askings first couple times but then they ingnored them so in stead of going off I said well got to go. N when I got home my mother in law call n asked why we left her mother in laws so quick n I told her cause the great grandparents couldn't follow one thing I asked.  So my mother in law said something bout it n they so far have not done anything we have asked them not to do. But we will see what happens when they think we aren't paying attention...
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I came across this article and had to think of you :)


Take a look, I think you might find something useful in there. I hope they keep it up and your little one's thrush goes away soon!
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thats a good article... it doesnt quite help me tho... my main issue is the Aunt... who has 2 boys (under 10) and always wanted a girl... im sick of hearing "but she the daughter she always wanted" so i should jsut understand... she jsut went and bought her winter outfit with out discussing it with me, its not even a Christmas present or anything... but she bought it early enough that i havent had a chance to buy one...(and i highly doubt she has her own kids stuff yet)
and she jsut resently told me Allisa is gonna get some cute pics done that one of my friends kids had done... my reply was "oh maybe we'll see" and her response to that was "no she IS going to get them"
i am so annoyed and she doesnt come here unless im not here, when grandma babysits she invites herself over (no one even tells us they are coming over)  
i talk to clint and he doesnt get it, to him shes just being nice... but this is my kid to buy the mom stuff for... all those cute things ive been checking out since before i even had kids...
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