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im 17 need help very sad

Hello I'm 17 I turn 18 in March . I live in California . My son turns 4 month on the 30th . I have been with my sons father since I was 15 . We live together at my parents . We plan on getting married in July . We both work full time jobs i get paid 10.25 an he gets paid 12 . My son goes to daycare on scholarship so its free . We have been approved to be on the waiting list for some apartments . They soonest they have openings is in May . So everything is going great rite now Thank God ... But we just found out I'm pregnant again . We do have bills rite now but not too many we do pay for our car and our phones . He took this very bad . He is very upset and says we cant afford it especially with this new apartment . I don't know what to do . I really think we will be fine . I have never believed in abortion but I'm so sad and i don't know what to do . He keeps changing his mind that will be fine but than he starts freaking out . I don't even know how far along i am yet . But I'm just so scared and confused . I don't know if its wrong of me to keep the baby because he doesn't want it but I don't care because in my eyes abortion is wrong . I know he wouldn't leave me but I wouldn't want him to be miserable or treat it different . I don't know I'm just having so many feelings rite now and I need some advise . He's not blaming it on me because obviously its both our faults but he says he just doesn't want to be struggling . I really need some words of encouragement rite now I don't need any bashing because even though I'm young I take care of my responsibilities and i put my priorities first . I work hard and take care of my son just like any other mother any other age .
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I get the sense that you are a strong woman, and that your boyfriend has been as strong for you through his commitment to help you parent your first child.  I think you need to hold your ground about keeping this second baby, but do it with an understanding that this second unexpected pregnancy has him worried about how you can move ahead together. Encourage him, and be supportive of him emotionally.  Help him in listening to his fears.  He needs time. I would love to talk you through some of these issues, and be a support through this time.
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Hello yes he has tried his best to cope with the situation but he just keeps trying to avoid the subject and I think I might be having a miscarriage I feel very sick and I keep camping up I took two more tests but they're coming out negative and I've been having pink stingy mucus come out I told him I need to go to the Dr but they won't see me till I'm 8 weeks and I brought up urgent care but he ignores me
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