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nappy rash on my ten days old

Any suggestions to prevent the nappy rash on tthe newborn? My ten days old is having it. I am using huggies nappies and water wipes. Not seeing much cloth nappies in market. I live in melbourne
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One of the problems with diapers such as Huggies is that they do a GREAT job absorbing A LOT of urine. But that unfortunately is not always great for baby as they stay wet longer which can lead to rashes.

Changing baby more often can help, but Huggies are not cheap, so for all of us not made of money, we tend to stretch the time between changes.

Making sure baby is really dry before putting on a new diaper is important.......while it's the urine that essentially causes the rash, moisture of any kind exacerbates the problem.

Using a good moisture barrier ointment will help........check with your pediatrician for the brand they recommend. Avoid the stuff with any fragrance added........it's not necessary and often/sometimes irritates the rash.  

Baby powder is OK, but plain old cornstarch right out of the box in your kitchen is better and a lot more absorbent. The one and ONLY difference is that the store bought kind usually has fragrance added which is not needed and only adds to the cost.

As far as I'm concerned, the best "cure" for rash is fresh air and sunshine. Since your little one is only 10+ days old, he'll stay put when you lay him down, so in between diaper changes, allow him to go "au natural" and let the air circulate around his wee willie. He will, of course, piddle fairly soon, so a quick rinse in the sink or tub, a good dry off and more airing out. I know this can take time, but if you can manage to do this two or three times during the day, it will go a long way to help with the rashes.

I'm not sure what the temp is right now in your part of the world, but if it's fairly warm and sunny, there's nothing better! BUT.......be VERY careful about how long you expose him to the sun! I can't empathize that enough. A few minutes is plenty and make sure his eyes are protected.

If none of these things help, it's time to talk to the pediatrician. I raised two boys and one of them was really prone to rashes while the other only had the odd one here and there. Some babies I think just have more sensitive skin.

I'm betting you'll get a lot of advice on this as I've never met a baby without diaper rash!
Best of luck and congratulations!
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Thanks for your kind advice rubywitch. Sure ill keep him exposed to air and sun. Climate s ok now we are in the end of summer so let me use this time to keep him diaperless as much as possible.thabks again. Love. <3
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there are tons of cloth sites online and swap sites on fb. I cloth and love it! ive heard yogurt can clear it pretty quickly, but havent tried it. to prevent it on my lo I just do mmy best to keep him dry. If I even think I see red I will put cream on his bum. If you believe it is caused by the diaper itself maybe try another brand
Like Rubywitch, I also let ,my kiddo air out.
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