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Have any of you mom's had prolapse after giving birth to your baby? I feel like I'm the only one! I had my baby July 13th and he was only 5 lbs 7.6 oz and I ended up noticing the prolapse five weeks afterI had him.
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Yes I had a prolapsed uterus after giving birth to my 1st daughter. 2 weeks after I had her I was taking a shower and felt something weird down there. My uterus had completely fallen out of my body. I sat in the tub trying to hold it in and called 911. They took me to the nearest hospital who was not equipped to deal with it and was rushed to a different hospital. They told me they would have to do a hysterectomy. I cried. I wanted more kids. They decided to investigate why it came out all the way. I was laying on a hospital bed with this bloody ball like thing laying on the bed. All the nurses that came in had this look of horror when they saw me. They instead did a D&C because what had happened was they didn't fully deliver the placenta and I got a serious infection. My body was trying to get rid of the infection by forcing it out of my body. The pushed it back in and made me stay the night. It did stay in without having to put in a mesh and since I have had 2 kids and no further problems.
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wow what a story, glad you are okay now .
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