Hi, my sister has got an aquarium which she has had for the last year. Recently the fish have gotten whitespot, she treated the water once and the second time she treated it she put anti-bacteria medication in by mistake. Three of the fish (mollies) have,  in the space of a day gotten massive eyes. Please help!
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Hello Krissykronk,

Sorry to hear about this. My husband who knows a lot about fish says
unfortunately there's not much your sister can do. Her fish are seriously
sick. Is your sister's tank a community tank ? Is it possible to catch the
three sick mollies and put them in another quarantine tank ?  Your sister
could look on line for advice on what to do or go to your fish store and
ask them what to do. There are medications for whitespot also known
as "ick" .  One possible thing to do is to catch the three sick mollies, put
them in another isolation or quarentine tank and try and treat them.
Your sister can google about the problem that is happening. There are
all kinds of what they call fish forums.  Good luck to your sister.
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Hi Krissy,

Just checking in. I don't know where you live so I don't know what kind
of resources locally are available to you. My husband suggests that
your sister go to a local pet store that sells a lot of fish. Your sister
could tell one of the personnel working there about her problem, what's
wrong with her fish and ask some advice from them. We live in
Canada therefore, of course, we are Canadian. There are all kinds of
aquarium connections available on line to help your sister with her
fish situation. Good luck , Krissy.
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I feel your sister should keep a cleaning habit of her aquarium, random cleaning always helps to keep aquarium free from any sort of bacteria & germs that develops automatically after storing water little long. Also i feel your sister should use some good disinfectant to keep the aquarium neat as possible...also i feel too much overloading of food also harms the fishes as well the aquarium.
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Hi Krissy,

I just happened to reread the comments you wrote back in March
of this year about your sister's fish. I was wondering if your sister's
fish ever recovered. My husband has three tanks of fish and knows
a lot about how to care for fish. One of his tanks has African cichlets.
I think that's how it's spelled. The second tank has guramies and
the third tank (the smallest) has a fairly big fish that he can't put in
either tank because this fish fights with other fish and he would probably
eat the guramies. Anyway, my husband does a water change every
2 weeks. He keeps a record of each water change in a notebook so
he knows when to change the water. He recommends between 40 -
50 percent water change that's for bigger tanks. There are several
fish forums on the net. We live in Canada. There is an aquarium
connection on the website in Canada which my husband is a member
of. Your sister can join the forum for free. My husband also suggests
that your sister could possibly set up another tank. In this spare tank
the water of which needs to be changed as well every 2 weeks, is a
place where you can put a sick fish by itself and medicate that fish
there. Not a good idea to put a medication into a whole tank if only
one or two fish are sick. It's apparently not effective. Hope this post
has been helpful. Eve

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